Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on....

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Friday, April 30, 2010

We're Moving!

I haven't been around these parts for a bit because we are movin' on up! ..but not to the east side. It's scary over there. Anyway, packing has become something I no longer want to be a part of. Every time we pack a ton it doesn't seem to make a dent...it just looks more cluttered than before. UGH. Note to self - hire professional movers!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Plan for the Frugal Future

In honor of Earth Day (you could also say 'in honor of frugality') I'm deciding to make my own reusable items - as many as I possibly can! I am done with skyrocketing prices even at the cheap stores (Walmart is not included, I refuse to shop there). I had to get baby wipes because I have a newborn and a 21 month old in diapers. I get them from target, and I get the target brand 3 pack of refills which used to cost 2.97 - now its 4.97. WTH?! So nuts to YOU Target, I'll make my own wipes! For those of you who agree...but may not sew yourself - here is a cute option... BareBebe PureBebe Cloth Wipes

 I also want to make my own produce bags. Who needs plastic poisoning their food? Not I. These ones are cool... Reusable Produce Bags by SeventhSphere

I already have the supplies to create some snack bags but I really thought these were cute.
Reusable Snack Bags by BananasaurusRex .  Its probably smart to make like 10 of these, since kids tend to lose, drop or destroy.

I'm still on the fence about making reusable paper towels...with 3 kids under 5, messes are plentiful. I would need to make about 50 reusable paper towels...I think in this arena, I'd opt for just buying them.

So in a few ways, I'm saving some green...which is what Earth Day is all about.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The close of my 20's Birthday Wish List

My 20's are ending on the 28th this month. Turning 30 has been a bit terror inducing... I feel like I'm having a 1/3 life crisis. Though I should rest easy, its just 30..and that's just a number right?! Here is my b-day wish list...such an age warrants one of these...If the 'right' people or person read this, I may get what I want :) Going from the top left to right:

Hand Printed Gourmet Flour Sack Tea Towels by thehouseofbouton - My husband actually showed me this shop - which I love! I have this odd love for printed tea towels yet I don't own a single one.
Vintage Acorn Cookie Jar with Salt and Pepper Shakers by plaidponyvintage - This is just too cute and I want it. 
Springtime safari - laptop sleeve - custom size by brokesy - I just need one for my laptop and this one is cute and looks sturdy.
Morrissey Concert Tickets Clock by BlueOrder - Not only is this a cool concept for a clock, I love Morrissey and I've seen him in concert many a time.
Vintage Catherinholm Lotus Bowl by TheFancyLamb - Just cuz. 
Elephant Recipe Cards by BoyGirlParty - Actually I would love anything from this shop! But I love recipe cards.
Come On Feel the Illinois Onsie by Trulysanctuary - Ok I can't wear this - I want it for my new baby boy. I love the album and Sufjan Stevens.
I Want to Rock With You print by Yumalum - If someone was REALLY cool they would get me the Eames Rocking chair in the print!
Natural Stretch Mark Relief Balm by JoyfulGirlNatural - Other than needing this for obvious reasons, I love JoyfulGirl products! They are the best natural body products I've ever used and they work! Plus, Shelly the owner is a complete sweetheart!

Well thats it. 30 is fast approaching - maybe I'll get these consolation prizes!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its always nice to be featured!

I really love the Craftopolis Treasure Hunt feature - you just type in your shop name and see what treasuries you were included in. I'm happy to be featured in a few...


I love this Treasure Hunt feature - I used to just scroll thru all the pages of the treasuries to see that little blue star of ones I've been included in - and this just cuts to the chase. Its quite nice!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make a Better Cup of Coffee

I got a bunch of Great Lakes Coffee from a friend who works for the company and it is the best coffee I've had in my life. Starbucks and any other corporate cafe cannot even compare! I used to enjoy simple coffee, say, from Dunkin Donuts - but now I can't stand the stuff. Now everything from everywhere tastes too burnt, watered down, and all around quite lackluster. Anyways, Great Lakes has great coffee - I made that point.

So while I was in the hospital for a week - some of my coffee was beginning to dry out...the beans were not as oily and aromatic once I got back...and that happens. So I decided to make some of it anyway - it was the Organic Costa Rica stuff. I really hate the taste that not-so-fresh coffee has so I thought of ways to make it taste better:
  1. Use the french press! I love the rich taste, body and frothiness you get from using it. Machines are good too - but I think some taste is lost - plus you don't have as much control over it as you do with the press.
  2. Before I added the boiling water to the press (its a 32oz press and I fill it with the max amount of coffee, btw) I added about 1/8 tsp each of ground cinnamon and cardamom to the dry grounds plus about 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Its best to add to the grounds and not to your cup afterward - since such powdery spices just sit on the surface and are hard to completely mix in.
  3. I then added the water and stirred it and pressed it.
  4. I poured a cup, added cream and sugar...I ran out of regular sugar so I had to use brown sugar, which I think gave it additional flavor.
  5. OMG - it was so tasty and I couldn't even tell the beans were 'getting on'!
It could may well have been that the coffee is just great old or fresh but I highly HIGHLY recommend Great Lakes Coffee - I especially enjoyed the Organic Triple Threat, its awesome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spell with Flickr

We all know the endless fun of Flicker and this has been around for a while but I just found it and thought it was pretty neat! Go to Spell with Flickr and type in anything! write a ransom letter - just for fun of course. Once you type in your words, just click on any letter you would like to change and it automatically changes it for you. For instance, The "L" they came up with looked like a 'c' so I clicked it until I got to one that was decent. Go now and check it out - you can type in your kid's name (like I did), create a new shop banner or whatever

Since I've been away...

Yes, I have not been doing much here as of late but there is a very good reason; I had a baby! A boy to be exact. We named him Levi Ulysses. He was 8 lbs 5 oz. and 21" long. Here he is - now 12 days old.

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