Saturday, December 12, 2009

How To: Glittery Owl Hair Clip Holder

My daughter has a bunch of hair clips that always end up lost since there is no good place for her to store them. I had the idea of making her a cute clip holder out of my glitter vinyl and thought I'd git'r done since X-mas is fast approaching and time is running out. SO ...If you have any girls to make gifts for this Christmas, here is a fun one! This takes about 20 minutes AND no sewing is required!

FIRST, you will need your tools:

  • The owl template, all cut out (its best to print it on card stock!)
  • Scissors (good sharp ones)
  • Hot glue gun (low heat is what I use)
  • Glitter Vinyl
  • Spool of ribbon
Now, turn the vinyl to the backside and trace all the pieces on the color you're using for each body part. Cut each one out.

Once you have all your pieces cut out, arrange them however you like. I added a few more things that are not in the template - the scalloped 'feathers' on the belly and 2 more medium sized circles to add on the eyes. Of course you can add whatever other embellishments you like.

Carefully take your hot glue gun - make sure its plugged in ;) and glue the face on first, then 'feathers' if you make them, then wings last. Take about 2 feet of ribbon, cut it in half, flip the owl over (once glue dries) and glue the ribbon to the back and take another 4" of ribbon, make a loop and hot glue it to the back of the top so you have a way to hang it up. Done!

Now to wrap it up or hang and put it to some use!


We have the same problem! This is one cute solution. I think I may try my hand at something similar. Thank you for the inspiration.

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