Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Extreme Sewing: Mom & Baby on a budget.

We are welcoming our 3rd child next month and this time its a boy! As to ease the wallet - I've opted to make much of what I like and /or need for baby 3. Lets look at the projects shall we!

Above I've made a nursing pillow (usually about $25-$40). I used some of the fabric I got on my trip to Africa while visiting family. The underside is fleece, so this should be comfy! Cost for all materials about $6. Sure beats $40!

Here is my nursing cover, baby swaddler and tag blanket (Cover and swaddler usually about $20-$25 each, tag blanket from $5-15) I got the fabrics on sale for 3.89 a yard, the ribbon was $1 a spool, velcro was about $1 and the fleece was $1.5. Total to make all these was about $14.

Blanket detail

I just finished the play mat today. Its hard to gauge the fabric costs since its made from various scrap pieces. The batting is organic cotton and was $5 for the roll (with coupon from Jo-Ann's), I'll estimate the fabric at about $7 - since some was from Africa, other projects, and just left over scraps I found. So about $12 to make.

This brings the grand total to $32. Not bad! What would all this cost in the store? I think it would be around $100 - $150. As you can see - It pays to make it yourself!


This is fantastic. I love the fabric that you choose, they are so pretty, you were lucky to find them on sale. And the finished products really look you could have bought them at an expensive boutique! Well done!

Thank you so much! I should also mention that i got most of the patterns from "Simple Sewing for Baby" by Lotta Jansdotter.

Tami these are awesome - you did a great job. I agree. Love the fabric mix - especially from africa. Adorable ;)

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