Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on....

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Welcome to the blog

A string of thoughts, DIY, thrift scores, geeking out, sewing, crafting, and so on...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a heads up...

I will be posting more, i promise - the holidays are busy. I have some tutorials in store and other great etsy finds that I very much love. Im currently making a Needle Book to store my needles in - maybe I'll have a tutorial on that ! stay tuned!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ultimate Handmade Holidays Tutorial List

Need some good handmade gift ideas? Not only that, but to make them yourself? I love the Sew Mama Sew blog and if you never heard of it, make sure to become very familiar with it - its amazing. They have the ultimate handmade holidays list of tutorials the likes ye have never seen! Some examples above!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DIY: Wall Decals

I was just thinking about wall decor when it dawned on me that you can create your own wall decals for the cost of one roll of CONTACT PAPER! You can get it in so many colors and faux textures. I got some vintage gold and yellow damask contact paper from an estate sale so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Heres all you do:

1. Draw out or trace your design. Silhouette's are the easiest! (One cute example is make sihouettes of your kids and put them up in their rooms.) but go for as complex as your able.

2. Roll out enough contact paper to fit your needs and draw or trace your design on the back side with a permanent marker. Remember it will be a mirrored image when your done, so numbers and letters will have to be drawn backwards.

3.When finished drawing it out, use an x-acto knife to cut out your design as neatly and crisply as you can.

4. Make sure all lines, curves and corners of the image are completely cut thru, and cut/pull of any excess paper clining to your image.

5. Wipe down the wall (or place your putting it) and let it dry completely.

6. Remove the paper backing and stick the design to desired surface. Smooth it out as needed.


This is a really neat and easy DIY project that you can do to cover and / or decorate all bare or ugly surfaces! Walls, file cabinets, boxes, desks, mirrors, doors, shelves, and the list goes on.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday Freebie - Amy Butler Magnets

Make any $15 or more purchase from my shop (*before shipping) and recieve a free set of 4 Amy Bulter fabric covered magnets (ones shown are just an example, fabrics will be Amy Butler designs, I just needed a quick pic) Just mention "FREEBIE" in Notes to seller and you will get a random selection of fabric covered magnets free with your order!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get Organized!

If you're the type who needs to be organized in order to function you can find a tutorial to make this wall organizer here. by Lotta Jansdotter's - whose book LOTTA PRINTS is awesome and there are some really cool tutorials on printing your own fabric, walls, drapes, etc.
Go here for a tutorial to make some fabric covered crates. I myself dont really like the look of most plastic storage crates nor do I like those cheap cardboard ones you can find at places like Ikea. This tutorial uses the plastic milk crates - which are really sturdy and can hold anything!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stitch Magazine!

I was waiting in line to buy some fabric and Jo~Ann's when i noticed this mag on the shelf. So while I was waiting for a sweet little old lady to buy her 21 individual ornaments, I found the time to leaf thru it and its amazing! Its nice to finally have something tangible (other than a blog or online tutorial) to get some really cool and fresco sewing ideas. You can see whats available on the cover^. I love how they have so many neat and modern things to create - if you sew or just like being inspired - go get an issue of Stitch. Yeah, its $8 - BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! oops sorry for the caps. hehee

Friday, November 21, 2008

So I guess I'm just nerdy

As a kid of the 80's who can resist such nostalgic geekery? I'M so very tempted to get these awesome Mario Brothers Coasters for myself about about 20 others who'd appreciate this neat find. Pure GOLD! LostMitten's shop is chock full of nerdy goodness that I just love! Go check that out!

Also, we are in the process of doing some more fun reupholstering. a chair ...in some glitter vinyl. Once the hot Mr. of the house refinishes the wood, we'll cover that old thing and make it glorious as it was in its hay day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Love NPR - New Treasury!

I have been pretty hooked on NPR and CPR-(Chicago Public Radio) so much lately I decided to make a treasury reflecting how much I enjoy it. I donated recently cuz of course to support them but mostly to be entered to win a Wii - which were being given away every hour. I didnt win it, but at least I'll get a cool t-shirt with and old timey radio on it. Ok, enough yammering - enjoy the treasury!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giveaway Winner Annouced!

Finally, I've been able to get some time to gather my thoughts and my wits about me. I was supposed to announce the winner a few days ago - but now here we are with the winner of the 6 pc. vinyl sampler - stelabird who also has a really cute etsy shop! Id like to thank all of you who have participated and now follow my blog! I also loved the comments of new names for my items in my shop! As usual, all participants receive a 15% discount off any of my items, so shop away if you so desire! Thank you all - and come see what the next giveaway holds in store for you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Noviembre Givaway!

OK, ok, ok...I was so busy with Halloweenieness that I had no time for the Last Friday Giveaway I have every month. So here we are in November and in need of another giveaway. oh, and hey! History was made last night with the election of America's first African American president. Amazing. It was cool that Obama had his party here in Chicago. My husband went downtown last night and got a ton of Obama shirts and posters, met stars, and what-not. Fun times.
Anyways, back to the giveaway. This month's giveaway is.......a GLITTER VINYL sampler that I sell in my shop! pick your favourite colours (I now have black in stock!) This stuff is so fun and sparkly. Its some serious eye candy...I just stare at it for hours. No, I don't, but I could if I had the time. How you enter is simpler than simple; you just comment with your favourite item from my shop - and RENAME that item OR just "follow" my blog! It ends in 5 days!! Ok, go for it!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Halloween Card Download

The Black Apple is generouly offering this adorable card for download on her blog. So there's something to check out! I love her prints, I broke down a got one a bit ago - they are just too lovely!

In the spirit of Halloween, I am offering 15% off any item in my shop - just put "MONSTER" in notes to seller and I will send you an updated invoice or convo me for a price change. This offer is good until the clock strikes midnight on Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newest Crave : Faux Food

Lately, I don't know why but I've sort of been obsessed with faux food. Its great as kids toys, novelty items, gifts, etc. The best part is being a cool handmade super fun alternative to lead paint doused toxic toys, or even boring old plastic,which carries its own scary baggage (no pun intended). I chose to showcase the Etsy shop of mclean2612 who specializes in Fun Felt Foods. The prices are great too..almost the same price you'd pay for the real thing, except these won't rot and stink up the place.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Calling All Fabric Lovers...

Go over to AcmeBabyCo where all yards of designer fabrics are only 5.50!! Where else can you find Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett & Joel Dewberry at that price? Answer is probably no where. I say stock up while you can...but thats me...with a serious fabric addiction.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist: CarryMeAway

With eco-friendly items being all the rage, I thought CarryMeAway's Shop was a nice place to indulge youe sense of eco-responsibility!

She can even do custom orders - say, of youre shop so you can advertise yourself at the market, post office, and anywhere else you go. She paints them by hand so each one is quite unique in its own way. So go...Check out what she has to offer!
She is so generously offering FREE SHIPPING if you mention my blog!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I stumbled across Rubbergrob' s blog where there are some awesome free downloads --this being one of them... you can download and cut out yourself...cute huh!

Friday, October 10, 2008

So I've been 'Tagged'

I think its good and quite informative to learn a little bit about eachother and to search our minds for good things to share...things that many obviously don't know about - and many people who dont know anything at all -about me. So I was tagged by The Ordinary Housewife from the Turquoise Tangerine . Im supposed to share 7 things about myself - so here they are:

1. I love creating, yes, thats obvious - but I have this crazy desire to be in a constant state of creativity -its almost like an addiction..maybe it is! I am seriously a jack of all trades (but a master of none) I love to sew, crochet, make jewelry, silk screening, graphic design, and oh so much more!

2. I really really love to laugh - I'll crack stupid jokes just to make myself laugh...is that normal?

3. I have 2 kids and I think 4 or 5 would make my life complete - then I'll just need a house to cram them all in. I also want that house to be a Chicago Bungalow with the stained glass windows and it has to be an Octagon too! Am I asking for too much?

4. I am soon to get my next tattoo but can't decide what I want. I was thinking about getting the Hebrew word for woman and my husband would get man so when we put them together it would spell God - pretty neat! But I think I'll get something ...uh...gosh I dont know!

5. I am extremely extremely annoyed by people who fight to the death to be 'hip' -i call them 'pseudo-hipsters'. yak! I don't like regular hipsters to begin with.

6. I am related to 2, count them, TWO U.S. Presidents: Garfield and Ulysses S. Grant. Don't ask me how - but I know its on my mom's side. My dad is Mexican and Native American so i doubt its from his side...unless........

7. I really really want to take swing dancing lessons with my husband- that would be so fun, learn something new and get exercise! We actually talked about this tonight, so all we need is a sitter and hope its not too expensive.

What then to do when you are 'tagged': RULES
1) Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok, now Im supposed to Tag 7 more people, so here they are:
HerAnatomy, Cofygirl, ComfortJoy Designs, Kat'sLife, Little Red Cottage, Nicki Leigh, TheHoggyHedge

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Items, Old Craft

One of the first thing I started making when I became more crafty was jewelry. It was so easy...so easy that it lacked any real 'work'. So I started making it again in hopes of selling it this holiday season, so I beefed up or threw out old designs in order to explore the process and materials more than just stacking beads on a headpin and adding the earwire...theres more handmade findings, vintage stuff torn apart for new items, use of finer beads, etc. Critiques welcome! & All my jewelry has FREE SHIPPING!

Friday, October 3, 2008

LFG WINNER: TheHoggyhedge!

Thanks to all of you lovelies out there who participated in Septembers 'Last Friday Giveaway'! I picked the winner today - I had the camera ready for when the name came outta the lot...and who shall it be but the Hoggyhedge! Congrats to you Stacey - I hope you do something awesome with the fabric!
All other participants will receive 20% any item from my shop!...this way no one goes home empty-handed :)
Keep coming back for each month's giveaway!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featured Etsian:Flirtbuttons

If you're in need of a cute fabric covered pocket mirror, bottle opener, buttons and more, then head on over to Flirtbutton's shop! I just got an adorable mirror from her, which was much needed since the other 2 I got from other shops were broken by my darling child throwing my purse to the ground. I think I'll sew a cute protective case for this new one I ordered...thats a great idea!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pillow Giftbox tutorial

With the holidays coming up I thought it'd be a good time to post a handy tutorial on those neat pillow boxes - they're SO easy and fun to make! I apologize ahead for the photos, its hard to take good pictures with one good hand. Well here's what you need: an x-acto knife and a cutting mat or safe surface, a blank card, a ruler for straight edges, a glass plate, and scissors.

the card + exacto

2. open the card and with the NON-sharp side of the x-acto, SCORE (NOT CUT) a straight line about 1/4" up and down one egde. (see picture 8 below to see what I mean)

3. Fold down the scored edge and make sure its really flat by using a bone folder or a pen if ones not available.

4. Fold the card as you normally would and you now have excess paper, so cut that off.

5. Open the card up and put some glue on that flap you made in step 3, close the card and glue the flap to the back, press - use pen to ensure a good bond.

6. This is what you should have - I'm opening it so you can see how its bonded.

7. now lay it flat on the cutting surface. Use that plate as a guide to cut the rounded edges (top and bottom ) . Make sure you cut each end equally - about 1/4" from the top. (it will be the shape you see in step 10)

8. Once you cut those edges off, take your plate again and match it to the corners (red arrows) and use the part of the x-acto the long arrow is pointing at to score a curved line. .

9. Do this to all 4 sides

10. Now draw a half circle at each end on the BACK side only. The back side is the side you see the folded flap seam. (notice I forgot to do it on the correct side- oops!)
11. Cut them out

12. This is where you're at

13. Now fold down each scored flap, the one with the finger hole goes down first. Do that to all flaps.

I hope this was clear. I confuse myself so easily I hope I didnt confuse anyone else.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow, its been a month already? Well, as I promised, I will hold a giveaway every month and here we are. This month I'm giving away this loverly Ginkgo Fabric from my shop. What must you do to get it?
Just post my Shop button (to the right of the screen, just copy paste it into an HTML/Java section) on your blog! you need to then comment with a link to your blog and you are entered!
If you dont have a blog, you can post a link to my shop in your etsy shop announcements stating the giveaway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waste not, want not

OK, I'm sort of a pack-rat, but in a good way! I have a hard time throwing away things I can see some future use for. In this case its mineral make-up jars. I have loads of them with nothing in them and all they do is take up real estate in the medicine cabinet. So, since I'm getting back into making jewelry again (see my shop soon for that!) I decided I really needed to organize my beads - mainly my 4mm crystals. These jars are totally perfect to store them in. I sorted them in the jars by colors and wrote the colors on the lids with a silver paint pen.
If anyone else would like to share any storage tips, please post them! I'm always looking for more ways to get organized!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Etsy Treasury: Vintage Love!

I finally got a flippin' treasury! I figured since I love vintage so much, I'd dedicate this treasury to it.
And heres the treasury link http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=25738

How to get a simple screenshot: Copy the url for your treasury into thumbalizr (you don't need an account to do it)http://www.thumbalizr.com/and then save the screen shot to your computer. I then edited mine in photoshop.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another fun vintage find!

Last weekend we went to an estate sale. When you think about it, estate sales are really just rummaging thru a dead persons things. You have all access to wander about the house taking whatever you want. It creeped me out a bit, especially thinking when I die, will a bunch of strangers go scavenging around my house trying to haggle my belongings? The good part was this was probably the coolest dead lady ever! First of all, she was a seamstress - so there were boxes upon boxes of bias tape, rickrack, needles, fun weird sewing gadgets that aren't sold anymore, so I got a ton of that. Then I got this super neat contact paper that is a flashy gold and yellow damask pattern. The thing I loved most is that she had OLD appliances in mint condition; washers and refrigerators like you'd see on the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, like from the 40's. My best find that I could actually take home was this kick-a toaster. I saw it and it was over; it was mine - and for $3, that's not bad.

Its a Dormeyer toaster made here in Chicago! I dont know when it was made. I love buying vintage stuff...its whats left of things made in America.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Easiest Barrette Tutorial Ever!

I got these adorable Flapper girl buttons a while ago and longed to make something with them. Well, that dream came true while I was looking for something cute to out in Maddy's hair - her bangs get in her eyes a lot and it stresses her out. So here's what ya do:
1. get a button and a bobby pin, slide the button on the WAVY part button facing up

2. Ta-da! instant cuteness!

3. Display on nearest head.

Monday, September 8, 2008

L.F.G. Winner!!

Blueviolet a.k.a Elizabeth is August's LFG WINNER! Congrats to her on winning that darling pincushion! I've Decided to hold more giveaways than just the Last Friday Giveaway that happens once a month...check back soon, there maybe something free with your name written all over it!

All other contestants will enjoy 15% off any item in my shop! Just convo me for instructions if you're interested!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Today is the last day to enter!


The Last Friday giveaway drawing will be held this weekend, so comment on that post the way it says to. I will pick a person at random and whoever wins, I will contact them with the email they provided. If the winner does not respond within 2 days, I will choose another winner - i cant wait around forever, ya know.
More ways to help your odds of winning:
  1. Post my button on your blog (just let me know you have and provide a link)
  2. "Follow" me - at the bottom of my blog I have the Followers application.
  3. Mention you've entered this giveaway on your blog and provide a link

Ok, best of luck ya'll

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you've ever lost your way...

Get a compass and find your way back again! I bought this way neat compass ring from JeweledAbrosia's lovely etsy shop - I came in the mail today. Its a fun thing to have when lost! Its funny how when you get off the red or blue line (the underground ones) and you are completely confused as to which direction you need to go once you come up to the street - at least, thats always my problem. I think I got this ring for that very reason. No more walking miles in the wrong direction for me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Thanks to all the wonderful people who have (* and will) enter the giveaway, I probably should have mentioned when it ends! They will always last a week, Last Friday Giveaways will allways end on the first friday of the follwing month - so this will end September 5th!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Last Friday (as in the last Friday of the month) I will have some sort of giveaway/contest for some lucky reader out there. Starting today, you can win this delightful Pin Cushion simply by visiting my shop, posting the link of your favorite item, and saying why you love it. Even if you're not into sewing, you can never go wrong with at least having a pin cushion around just in case you get the instant urge to...that's what happened to me! I just taught myself how to sew last year - now I cant stop!
So enter if you want. Free stuff is always fun!

some ground rules and extras:
  • Please provide a valid email address in your comment
  • Double your entry by adding my button to your blog! There is the code in the left sidebar. Just let me know that you have added it and leave a link to your blog.
  • This is open to international readers as well!

Out Sewin'

I've been needing to get back to the 'fun' aspect of sewing since that couch upholstering project, so I made a grocery tote and a trapezoid clutch. Sewing is so cathartic for me - unless I have many obstacles that prove annoying (like family :)
But I made these and was happy with the turn out. My pics look like crap, I really REALLY need to work our new camera better!

The tote pic (thats me!) looks horrible because i took it while looking in the mirror and that mirror is about 100 years old., but that tote is HUGE you can probably fit an army in there...well, its not THAT big, but big. The clutch is actually pretty big too. I can fit everything thats currently in my purse in there. All this to say I have finally got back into sewing the things I love....now to sell them- thats another story. I'll be posting them in my shop as soon I can.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Posters NOW!

I was just reading one of my favourite blogs; HowAboutOrange and saw that over at the Poster List, they have a sale of 2 for $20, Id be happy to get the Sew Or Die poster and hang it up for motivation. Go check them out! They have a ton of really cool wall art for pretty much anywhere.

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