Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decorating with Ebroidered Wall Art

Some people may think of embroidery as "old lady art" to keep fingers and joints nimble. They are so wrong! It's quite a beautiful art form that I am currently enamored with. It does take skill - even when you have a pattern guide. I embroider the faces on my dolls and let me tell ya' it is not simple. It is but it isn't. I love the embroidered wall art especially, at the moment. There are tons of great patterns and embroidery art out there. I recently saw this one above in the pictures of an estate sale. All I saw was this folded on top of a dresser. Even though it was folded, I knew it beheld awesomeness and I told my husband " See that? Go there and get it for me!" And being so kind and doting, he did. Now...where to put it....

So here are a few ones I currently love and would love to possess if possible.

Pretty Girl in Window by luckyjackson

I love this style...very intriguing!

smiths please please please... cross-stitched by chezsucrechez

I love the Smiths so naturally I had to include this even though it is cross-stitch.

Red Fox Vulpes Vulpes Embroidery by Naiomicayne

I love foxes. Nuff said.

 Oiseau - bird embroidery by MariaDryden

Ummmmmm...Adorable!The whole shop is adorable actually.


wow those are some gorgeous finds! thanks for sharing, I love how embroidery enhances the textures in a piece.

Nice work, the crafts really have great attractive look, you are quite right some people may think of embroidery as old lady art, but after see this post they have to change their thoughts, because have amazing look. I want to say thanks for sharing this great post.

wall art decoration

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