Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giveaway Day! Bonus Gift Certificate Added on!

I am happy to announce that I am taking part in the Sew, Mam, Sew Giveaway Day!

The BEST part is that there are 2  items I am giving away!
One Handmade Item - Earrings
One $10 Gift Certificate
Why? Because I'm generous! I love having giveaways.
How does one enter and what exactly will someone win, you may ask. Well look below and find your answer!

First, the Handmade item...

Mint and Antiqued Copper Earrings - Lovely fire-polished faceted mint glass beads with copper bead caps and 4mm red-violet swarovsky crystals. Measures 2" from top of the kidney earwire to the bottom of the gem. Gem itself measures .75".

Next....  A gift certificate

$10 Gift Certificate good for both my shops! 

Now here is how you enter:

Visit PeanutEnvy OR CrankHeartPony and simply tell me which item is your favorite and why. Also say which prize you'd love most!

I will randomly pick two winners from the comments.

Some more details -

  • This is open to the world, so I will ship anywhere and everywhere!
  • This offer is open until midnight (Chicago time) on December 17th.
  • The winner will be announced on December 18th and the item will be shipped no later than December 20th.

Please feel free to use the coupon code SNOWDAY for 10% off your order at both my shops...also feel free to Heart my shops, Follow my blog, Like my facebook page or Follow me on Twitter!

My man is offering 15% off his shop VintageOnTheMake with coupon code MANLYVINTAGE Go check out all that manly goodness.












From the crank heart pony I liked the Harmony House Mid Century 15 piece Coffee or Tea Serving Set. From the peanut envy I like all the dolls, but my fave was the Eva Matryoshka Plush Doll! A lot of nice things you have on your stores. Prize-wise, I would choose the earrings, they are lovely.

I love the fire king teacups at crank heart pony. Those flowers are such a lovely shade of blue! I'd love to win the gift certificate. Thanks!

I love the nest rings at crank pony! Thanks for the chance to win.

Great giveaway! LOVE the earings. Also a big fan of the lotus tulip bowls in your store.

I love the teak candlestick holders

katies.towers (at) gmail (dot) com

I love the blue lovebirds necklace and those earrings are adorable!

I really love the earrings, but I also like the The Ashland Poppy Bag!

I love the Ice Drop Earrings. So simple and elegant.

I suppose that means I like the gift certificate giveaway better since that means I can get said earrings =)

I just love those earrings! Heading over to Crank pony, I saw this wonderful nest ring with blue eggs. Just gorgeous!

I really love the Christmas mint glass earrings...they are so vintage and classy!!

So...I would choose the earrings...gorgeous!


i love the blue next ring from crankheartpony. i can think of so many of my clothes that would look great with that ring!

i'd love the earrings, they are my obsession right now. :)

thanks for sharing this great giveaway.

Gorgeous earrings and lovely giveaway. Thanks for participating.

My favorite thing is the Plum Flower earrings...beautiful!

Stop by my blog for a chance to win my giveaway, if you haven't already!

Merry Christmas!

I love the drop pendant earings!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

I think those earrings are fantastic. My favorite item from the shop though is the Ashland Poppy Bag.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

These earrings are stunning! Thanks for the giveaway.

The rainbow lotus tulip bowls! they are so colorful.

i love the earrings!

needlegrrl at gmail

What a great giveaway! My favorite item is the earrings you are giving away! Haha!

My favorite item at CrankHeartPony would have to be either the Ashland Poppy Bag or the Amethyst and Olive Flower Earrings. I love the look of both and can see myself using both frequently.
As for which prize I would like most, I cannot say, they are both very nice.


The Irina plushie on Peanut Envy! and I lvoe the earrings:) Thank you and Merry Christmas!

LOVE the little knitter girl print. Your mint and antiqued copper earrings are very pretty. Thanks for the giveaway!

I love your sewing - so well made! My favorite would be the Garden Chicks Box Pouch in Brown.

I love ALL the peanut dolls!

Digging this:

It totally matches my kitchen!

From CrankHeartPony I really love the mustache necklace and also the sweet little vintage deer, I suppose I just have a soft spot for adorable woodland creatures. I would love the earrings, but I think I could use the gift certificate too after seeing your shop! Check out my giveaway of 3 cute little handmade wristlets:

I love the lavender egg and gold wire wrapped ring - so pretty! I'm also really loving those earrings you're giving away - thanks for the chance to win!

P.S. I'm participating too, so please visit my blog and enter my giveaway!

Love this:
Bianca Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll!!

Great website. I love the tulip bowls in rainbow colors!

The owl salt and pepper shakers are the cutest. Who doesn't love owls!


My favorite is the Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll. I spent some time in Russia and I just love the blossoming popularity of Matryoshka fabrics and toys. Fun toys.

I think my favorite items from Mid Century. . it's a toss up with the owl salt n' pepper shakers and the gravy boats that you have listed.

Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm loving Greta. Great handmade giveaway! Mine is at lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com

Christmas Sale Blue and Silver Nest Egg Wire Wrapped Adjustable Ring---very pretty!!!

I love the Sweet Blue Love birds necklace, because I love bird items and am a serious collector!
I LOVE the earrings! They are just gorgeous! :) Thanks!

i love this one!!

I love the Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll, and would love to win the gift certificate so I could buy her!

From Crank Heart Pony I love Fire Roundel Earrings. I would love the earrings. Beautiful!!!

Beautiful items, I just love all the dolls, but the one that stood out for me was the Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll - so cute!

Absolutely lovely giveaway & shops! I adore the Lotus Tulip Bowls! I would like to win the earrings.

Earrings.. BEAUTIFUL!

And from Peanut Envy, my favorite item is your Kasha Matryoshka nesting doll.. I have a soft spot for Matryoshkas!

They are both great giveaways. I would go for the gift certificate. I love the plush dolls. I would proly pick helga or biance.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! i love those earrings! My favorite item was the Rainbow Lotus Tulip Bowls. So cute!

I would most love to win the earrings!

I {heart} all of the Russian dolls at Peanut Envy.

At CrankHeartPony, the blue egg/silver nest ring is my favorite!

I'm participating in the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! I hope you have time to stop over and enter my giveaway at

Merry Christmas!

Homemaker Honey
homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Love those earrings and the nest ring at Crank Pony (I'm pregnant and in a nesting mood). thanks for the chance!

libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

I LOVE your Matryoshka dolls!

Love the blue heart birds necklace at Crank Heart Pony.

Would love to win the earrings!

nachoandtdog at gmail dot com

i absolutely love the bird nest rings! beautiful! if i won, i would definitely use the gift cert. for one of those!

Hello fellow vintie! I honestly love both of your shops, but my favorite item is the "Vintage Fantasy Fondue Set". It's the coolest fondue set I have ever seen! I've only found yellow or green ones, but you have managed to find the holy grail of fondue sets. Lucky you! I hearted it and your lovely shop, btw. Oh, and I would love to win the earrings. :)

Thank you so much for offering such a lovely giveaway... I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.


I love the blue metal photo box. I would prefer the gift certificate.

I would love to win the gift certificate to get the It's raining phone holder. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy Christmas. stephspitzer at gmail

those earings are darling. love the color combination.

Only two blogs have offered jewellery giveaways. Thanks for sharing!

The antique copper earrings my favorite nice shop you have. thanks for the chance.

I lost myself in both of your shops, LOL! I loved everything, but the vintage fondue set on CrankHeartPony really jumped out at me! I'd love either prize, but the GC would be great so I could go snatch up that fondue set. Haha!


I'm in love with the antique gold nest ring. Gorgeous and so unique!

zora doll me likey and the gift certificate

the gold nest ring- my FAV! and these earrings, great colors!

I really like the plum flower earrings in your shop. But if I win the giveaway by some chance, I would like the mint earrings, because I like those too:)

These earings are super cute!

Gorgeous earrings! I'd love to add those to my new little collection. I am just starting to wear more than my sleepers (totally boring I know).


I would love to win those mint earrings. I got my ears (re-) pierced this year and it's so much fun for me changing them out, lol.

From your CrankHeartPony shop, I love those tulip bowls...I would love to have the whole set, they're very cute.

It was really fun seeing another person from Chicago on the Giveaway Day! I feel like such a weirdo because I'm always talking about sewing projects and designer fabric and no one (in real life) knows what the heck I mean. I saw Amy Butler's gothic rose fabric make an appearance in your shop a few times, that is one of my all-time favorites, I'm still hoarding a tiny piece for an as-yet-unnamed project. :-)

I like the blue bird necklace. it is really pretty. I would like either prize.

You are generous! The earrings are gorgeous. I like the lotus bowls- the colorful ones- in your shop.

I would love to win those pretty earrings...then I would have to buy a new dress to match!

I started following you last year because of Giveaway Day! I like the Helga Matryoshka doll from Peanut Envy, but I really love those earrings.


I really like the Blue & Silver Nest Egg adjustable ring. Very cute!

nice giveaway. great shops. I love the blue and silver nest egg ring. texhelena(at)aol(dot)com

Oh my goodness they are soooo incredity adorable!! Love them. and those earings are amazing too! You are so talented you lucky women!!
My favourite item is Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll.
Thanks for the giveaway

Oh my goodness they are soooo incredity adorable!! Love them. and those earings are amazing too! You are so talented you lucky women!!
My favourite item is Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll.
Thanks for the giveaway

There are so many beautiful things in your shops! I am in love with the Sweet Vine Branch Locket Necklace because it is just oh so pretty and I have a love affair with accessories.

LOVE the silver nest egg ring.

And I would love to win the earrings :)

lmr3683 at hotmail dot com

I would like the earrings. I don't have anything like that and they rare very pretty.

My favorite item in the shop is the Japanese Lotus bowls - I'd love one in every color! My favorite prize, though, would be the earrings. They're gorgeous!

I really like the Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll. The fabric patterns just fit so well with each other; plus, she's just cute!
Thanks for the giveaway!

From CrankHeartPony, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Antique Gold Nest Egg Wire Wrapped Adjustable Ring. OMGGG the pearls are lovely and the creativity bursts in this item.

I would like the gift certificate so I can purchase the lovely ring and more :)

I really like the Ashland Poppy Bag. The fabric is so appealing. I recently bought a bag for my knitting in the same fabric from another Etsy seller. I'd love to win either of the prizes but if I had to choose, I would pick the gift certificate. Thanks for change to win!


My favourite is "Christmas Sale Blue and Silver Nest Egg Wire Wrapped Adjustable Ring" - these are so pretty!

Love your dollies...they are darling!

I love the nest rings - or the archer wallet everything is so gorgous it is hard to pick. Thanks for the give away

My favorite item in your shop has to be the Rainbow Lotus Tulip Bowls. They're so bright and cheerful!

I also really like your earrings, so I don't really have a preference between the two prizes. You have a great sense of color!

I love those earings!!

I loved all the dolls, but I simply LOVED the blue and silver nest ring! And if I win I want the earrings!!! Just lovely!!!

Thank you so much for the giveaway. I love the ice drop earrings. They are very pretty and would go with anything. I love all danglely, sparklely earrings!

I adore your vintage deer family. Thanks for the giveaway, I am a follower.

My favorite item is the Antique Gold Nest Egg Wire Wrapped Adjustable Ring because it looks classic - something that can be worn with anything!

onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

Oooo! I like the Garden Chicks Box Pouch in brown. It's perfect!

As I'm international i'd probably choose one of your wallets! and as I don't have pierced ears I'd choose the gift voucher!
Thank you

I visited the PeanutEnvy shop and loved every thing...It was too difficult to choose just one of the lovely dolls.
At CrankHeartPony there are also many things that I could "love" but this really caught my attention.


I love the mid-century coffee and tea set. Amazing. I also like the earrings you have for giveaway a lot!

so glad i clicked here! what a gorgeous pair of earrings!

& as for my "fave" item from your peanut shop...i do like helga the mastroyka the best i think. love the apple fabric on her tummy.

merry christmas!

I really really love your cute little dolls! I'd have to pick one of those for my daughter. The gift certificate would be great to win! Thanks for the great giveaway!

cmgedge at hotmail dot com

You use beautiful fabrics! :) I love all your purses and wallets! So I'd probably choose the gift certificate so I could pick up one of those! :)

Thanks so much for the giveaway! Very pretty earrings!

I think on your second store, the rings, just beautiful!! I like the black/gray ones the best followed by the silver and blue! Beautiful!

I am having a giveaway too!! Come check it out if you like.

I love all the dolls, but my favorite item is the mid century modern vase. Its too cute. Thank you for the chance to win!


I love your matrioshkas ! Milana would be my favourite, but it's so hard to choose... If I look again tomorrow, I might as well pick another lady !

I love the refrigerator crisper from CrankHeartPony. I think I would take the gift certificate!

i'd go for the gift certificate, because i love the african fabric and/or the red tiger lily earrings from your etsy shop... and i could buy them with said gift certificate. *grin*
thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

sarita0818 at comcast dot net

The plum flower earrings are just gorgeous! I think I would have to use the certificate for them!! You have some really lovely things in your stores!

I really love the ashland poppy bag from your store. It's adorable! I'd really love to win the earrings though. They are gorgeous

What a wonderful idea!
Nothing better than a handmade gift!
God bless you.
Kind regards from Germany.

I love the tea set on crank pony!

As for the gift, I would love either :)

Thanks for the giveaway!
orinoco14 at yahoo dot com

I really like the Blue and Silver Nest Egg ring. I love the blue with the silver, I'm into the bird thing and it's just kinda cute.

I love the blue and silver nest egg ring at crank heart pony. It is divine. I'd love either prize. Honestly I can't choose!

I love the owl salt and pepper shakers because I love love love owls! I really love your earring. I make jewerly too, but don't ever keep any for myself and I'd love to wear your earrings!

Love the Milana doll - if I win the GC that is what I would get. Thanks for sharing and crafting :)

the greta doll makes me smile!

rainbow lotus bowls ---- the best!!!
i would love a gift cert as my ears are not pierced

I can't look past your birds nest ring... The blue is so striking and perfect!!

xo Steph

I really love the Vine branch locket necklace - the colours are gorgeous!

I totally 'like' you on fb.. YAY!!

xo Steph

I love the Rainbow Lotus Tulip Bowls :) and the Vintage Blue Rolodex. My dad actually had that exact same one in his office!
Thanks for hosting... the earrings are gorgeous!

i love the little knitter girl -- i think i had pictures like that in my room as a girl.

i would love the earrings.


I love all your earrings... and that gorgeous vintage print!
smiles... katie

I loved the earrings & the wallet.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the Plum Flower Earrings. The colors are marvelous!! However, I love the Mint and Antiqued Copper earrings the best so I would love to win those :)

You have so many awesome things in your shop! I love this ring:

I'd slightly prefer the GC, but I love the earrings, too. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

The cherry blossom and pearl earrings are so pretty. But if I won, I'd probably choose the earrings to give to someone else.

These dolls are so cute! Any of them would be great!


I love the Garnet Titmus glasses from CrankHeartPony! I would love to get my prescription put in those.
As for which item I'd like to win most, I'd go for the beautiful earrings. Thanks for the chance!

These earrings are lovely! Thanks for the chance to win :)

I love the earrings you are giving away, I think I will buy some if I dont win them! Definitely my favourite in your shop too!

I love the Owls Owls Everywhere Box Pouch from CrankHeartPony. The green zipper is unexpected and F-U-N!
thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite is the Owls Owls Everywhere box pouch -- it makes me smile when I look at it. :)

If I won, I'd prefer the gift certificate. Your earrings are lovely, but my ears hurt when I put earrings in. :(

I love your plush dolls in the shop! especially this one -
Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

I would love to win your giveaway!

My fav is the Garden Chicks Box Pouch on CrankHeartPony. The giveaway earrings are beautiful, I love the colors you used!

I am a big tea person so I like the tea cups the best

Please enter my name in your lovely drawing
thank you
Bonnie in Florida, USA

Pretty earrings! And, the lotus bowls from Japan are so pretty in the CrankHeartPony shop. I have two white lotus bowls that would love some colorful company. :)

My favorite, the red tiger lily earrings! Thanks!

The Art Nuveau Milk Glass Earrings are beautiful

I love the Milana nesting doll because she looks like a sweet personality. I would love to win the beautiful earrings and have them dangling so that they feel lovely.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com

I LOVE the lotus tulip bowls! I've been trying to find some cute bowls to serve desert in.

dvdenter (at) gci (dot) net

I love the Bianca doll, simply because I adore the name Bianca, and I also love the mustache necklace, so cute! Thanks for the chance to win this fun giveaway!

okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

I love your box pouches. They look so roomy AND pretty!

I'd love to win the certificate! I'd totally pick the earrings if I wore them!


Your vintage items at CrankHeartPony are very cool. My favorite though is the Ashland Poppy bag - I love bags and that fabric is awesome. That's why I'd also choose the gift certificate - to buy it :)

I like Milana best--love the colors you used in her. Thanks for the chance to win--love the earrings!

I loooove the Kasha Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll! And although both prizes are great, those earrings are divine, so I guess I'd say that's the one I want :)
cam22190 at gmail

Set of 2 Mid Century Modern Teak Wood Candlestick Holders!! Love them.

I would take the gift certificate and buy them!! Very Cute shop.

The Milana doll is stinkin' cute and I love the earings!

I love the earrings. My favorite doll is the Milana doll because of the darker fabrics.Thanks.

I love the Salvaged Architectural Wood Trim and Accents from CrankHeartPony. And the Tulip bowls. Gorgeous colors! Great giveaway!

Either prize would be fabulous! I adore the earrings, and love the rainbow colored bowl set at CrankHeartPony! The dolls are fun, many beautiful things. :)

Very cute shop, I love Greta the most!

-vegancraftastic on etsy

Oh both your stores are lovely and its so tough to pick just one thing :) i'm sure most comments say this ha? I specially love the rum Czech earrings and the tote to match it :) greedy eh? thanks a ton for letting us international readers enter the giveaway.

i love the tea serving set! cute! this is so generous!

nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

Because I recently added aqua to my kitchen, I need the Ball jar!!! Guess that means I'd choose the gift certificate (although the earrings are really lovely!)! Thanks for the chance!

The Kasha doll is my fave!!


The 6 petal flower necklace is my fvourite. That is definitely what I would want if I won the certificate - although the earrings are a very close second!

I love the Ashland Poppy bag, such pretty fabric!

The Ice Drop Earrings are just lovely!

Thanks for the chance to win such goodies. :)

absolutely adore the white pumpkin earrings!! i love pumpkin (i may or may not have a freezer shelf dedicated to homemade pumpkin puree to last me till, oh, i don't know, next autumn...) and i love love love earrings. with a little boy, necklaces are out.
second love from the shop are the earrings you are giving away so i'd be chuffed with those :-)
amezina (at) hotmail (dot) com

I adore the peanut dolls. . the Zora Matryoshka Plush Doll is the best in my opnion.

Or the earrings.

I would love to win your lovely earrings. Thank you.

The moustache necklace was freaking awesome. Would have been great to wear for our Movember's Moustachio Bashio.
I like the earrings for the giveaway.

I love the Milana Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll and I'd love to win your gorgeous earrings.

I like the tulip bowls in your shop!
I like the earrings for the giveaway!

I'm all about those earrings!

My favorite item from your shop are those tulip bowls. I have a set of five and would love more colors! I bought mine at a yard sale and had no info about them or where to get more. I'm hearting your shop and will be back after Christmas!

From CrankHeartPony my favorite item is the dragonfly earrings! They're so cute. From your two gift options, I love the earrings and would want to win those!

Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

hey there.. i love those tulip bowls. And those dolls are so sweet!

I love your black and white earrings on Crank Heart Pony. But I also love the earrings you're giving away, so I would be happy with either :)

Thank you for your lovely giveaway and happy holidays!

I love the Aneta doll and besides the earrings, the Anne Marie Horner tote. Beautiful!

amanda_clark1 at knology dot net

Beauuuuutiful!! What a lovely set of earrings!

From Crank Heart Pony, Amethyst and Olive earrings (love your jewelry!) Both giveaways are fab but I would love those mint and copper earrings! Thanks


I love the earrings & the aviary pouch. LOVE that aviary fabric.

The Blue and Silver Nest Egg Ring from CrankHeartPony is so gorgeous! I just love it. The earrings in your giveaway are wonderful to -- thanks for the chance!

I really love the Kasha Matryoshka Plush Nesting Doll from PeanutEnvy. I'd like the GC so I could buy one of those cute dolls!

Hi! Love your cute blog (those mailboxes!). And greetings from a fellow Etsian (I sell as Betty and Dot AND Sew Betty and Dot). Those reindeer are killing me with cuteness, but I adore the owl S&Ps, too. And the earrings are lovely, but I think I'd take the gift certificate. Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

the Eva plush doll is adorable! I love the earrings, thanks for the great giveaway!

please take a peek at my giveaway, if you get the chance..

Oh, the Peanut Envy dolls are just too cute. Especially Kasha! Thank you for sharing. I'd love either prize.

I love thse:

so pretty, small and sweet

I really like the earrings and the Greta Matryoshka Plush Doll. I am new to your blog and love your font and how clean it is. Also very easy to find what I'm looking for. Great job! Inspirational.

I love the cateye glasses. I am always on the look out for glasses like this. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

Love the earrings. Thank you for being a part of the giveaway

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