Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tulip Dining Chairs: Before and After

Browsing through Craigslist one night..very late one night, I stumbled upon the dining set I've been dreaming of for quite some time: the ever elusive (for me) Tulip style set. All the ones I've seen  on CL were in the $600+ range and I was willing to pay that. My husband, knowing how impatient I can be, kept telling me to wait..One will come along. The one I found was in near perfect condition...but the best part was the price. $75. For the WHOLE set. 4 chairs and a table. Yep...$75.

The only problem was the chair seat covers...best described as Grover fabric. So I got some Anna Maria Horner laminated fabric and recovered these guys.
Recovering chairs like these is quite easy. Here is a quick step-by-step
1.You unscrew the seat from the chair at the bottom and take out all the staples.
2. Once done, you take the original fabric piece from the chair and use it as a template for your new fabric.
3. Trace your template fabric onto the new fabric - first be sure you have enough fabric!
4. Cut your new covers out from the fabric.
5. Lay the new cover up side down, place seat on top, also up side down.
6. Staple it back to the seat, making sure to pull it snug when stapling. Make sure there is very little slack and try to keep it free from wrinkles.
7. Staple all the way around.
8. Screw the seat back to the chair.
Simple, yes?

So here they are all spiffed up. I like them much better to say the least!
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Thank you Sara! It was a fun project!

Beautiful fabric choice! Love the finished chairs!

Thanks, Cal. When I saw that fabric I knew it must be mine!

New girls head PeanutEnvy. Gonna buy it pretty soon. You are one of my favorite.

Thanks for the tips of recovering chairs, your chairs look so fabulous.

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