Friday, September 27, 2013

Sewing Studio Revamp, More Dolls, and it has been a while!

I have had such a full plate for the last year, so I have not been on here at all, really.  It has been just a pretty overwhelmed-with-life-in-general kind of thing. When you have 3 kids, homeschool them, own 2 shops, work a job, etc... the leisurely things get pushed to the back burner. And that's what happened. But I am back! Blogging seems strange and foreign to me now...but I'll be sure to be more diligent!

So - update!

I've recently redesigned my PeanutEnvy dolls and have added Owl pillows to the shop. The dolls are larger and (in my opinion) cuter. Since I've started using inks for the faces instead of embroidering them on, making them has been *slightly* easier..but overall they are still quite involved especially with all the appliqueing I have to do for the heads alone. But I'm not complaining...I enjoy sewing these lovelies, even if there are, like, 20 steps.

I have also revamped my sewing studio for the better. Now its a place I want to be at all times...and so do the children, but I can't blame them :) You can see the last revamp in this post here. I like this new set up MUCH better. And I have a new sewing machine to boot! The light in the room is perfect! I can even lock the door from the inside as to ward off unwanted intruders...or to hide while I eat something I certainly do not want to share. 

 Now that life is down to a simmer, I can finally get some sewing done. Fall has always been the perfect time for it anyway since all the summer fun comes to a close. And I hope it also means I'll be posting more as well!


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