Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Photo Props for Peanutenvy

After I've redesigned my dolls to be bigger and better with stronger stitching and overall stability, I've also found a fun new way to take pictures. I know this method has been around for a long while, but I never really wanted to use it until now: the chalkboard prop. For some reason the dark background helps showcase the dolls without washing them out with the overexposed look I'd get from a white background. Its also a great way to have your name in the picture without having to go through the trouble of a watermark! (A good way to cut THAT corner) Not to mention all the fun things you can include...quotes, name of the work, fun drawn designs...am I thinking too much into this??

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Ella the Russian Doll
Rowan the Owl Pocket Plush

Bella the Russian Doll


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