Monday, April 28, 2008

Goings ons

Man, I've been a busy bee...I've been sewing, mothering, wifing, domestic engineering, and so forth. Im ready to burst with this baby. IM still 2 months away and im the size of Violet on Willy Wonka when she turns into a blueberry. The plus side is that I havent gained nearly as much weight this time around. I gained 50lbs with #1! Im only up to 25 at this point. I doubt I'll gain another 25 in 9 weeks....I better not! So far, Ive been sewn for baby#2: a boppy, a sling, oh shoot...thats it?? well these are on the list:

  • burp cloths (about 6)
  • boppy covers (at least 2)
  • bibs (dont know, its easier to just buy these cuz they can be a pain to make)
  • a nursing cover (or I'll win one from a seller on etsy! its SO cute!)
  • blankets (2-3)
  • booties (3 pairs in 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 month stages)

I think thats all I know how to make at this point. Most of them start with the letter "b" - wierd. Anyhoo, I have A LOT of stuff to make for this baby, its exciting. It BETTER be a girl cuz thats what im making! GIRLY stuff!


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