Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too Hot to Handle? No Problem!

Finally! I FINALLY made some much needed pot holders!! Seriously, for about 4 months I've been wanting to make these, but I got stuck on the type of fabric to use - thats what held me up! Luckily, Morgan got me a nice black oven mitt for my bday...which made it so much easier to decide now that I had something to coordinate with! So I decided to use this cute black and white Robert Kauffman fabric (or alexander henry...I cant remember anymore its been so long!) that I've had for ages but never did anything with...and the cream/ black polka dot ribbon thats been begging me to sew it to something. So I just said the heck with it! I got out my fabric, ribbon, insulbright, and went to town! Wow these things are SO EASY to make, a monkey could do long as that monkey is able to sew a straight line. So I quilted the b&w fabric, then added the ribbon - which functions as a handle that I slip my hand in for added know how a hotpad can just jump out of your hand! What was great was that I had just enough of everything, so I believe it was meant to be. Im happy with them! The one thing Ive been doing like crazy is Nesting. Its something preggers do to get their 'nest' prepped for baby...except mines been a bit different...all I want to do is rearrange everything! I also am, for some odd reason, feeling the need to prep my kitchen ??? I assure you, baby wont be shacking up in the pantry! I think Im just trying to sew all that I can with the "free" time I have available. I also made a hanging organizer for the bathroom. I hated opening the medicine cabinet and have an avalanche of crap fall into the sink. Plus Morgan was always getting hysterical when my curling iron was never put away. I hate putting everything in the closet...all that back n forth back n forth whenever I needed something, so I found a tutorial on how to make this, altered it to fit my needs and did it. OMG, another super easy thing to make! The one thing I was stuck on was how to hang it. The tutorial i used called for 2 loop-straps on each end, but I knew that would make the thing all odd and baggy once everything was in it, so I decided on 4 loop-straps to evenly ditribute the weight, that i would then put a small rod thru and hang up. My only problem was I did not have said rod so I did some thinking. I know! a section of that stupid broken swifer will be perfect....and it was! Way to be resourceful, aye! Well, my next non-baby projects are:
  • Make seat cushions for the kitchen chairs
  • Make a table cloth for the kitchen table
  • Sew a room divider
  • Sew curtains for our 'bedroom' - not just hang a sheet up all white trash style.
  • make a camera holder for the new camera
  • start making more stuff for my shop!!!

So thats all for now!


ooo! i love the potholders! they are great fabric!

Oh, your blog is so pretty! Love the fabrics you use in your items too. :o)

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