Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Mission Accomplished!

I broke down and finally bought some of this awesome Heather Bailey fabric that Ive been wanting for oh so long. My sole intention was to create a nursing cover because I've come to realize how great they are! Maddy always got hot under a blanket and would rip it off, so the last thing I want is the next one trying to expose me as well. It is SO EASY! you basically sew a 26x36 rectangle, add straps with D rings and add some boning so it bows out for eye contact and viola! Not that that was a tutorial by any means! Its way easier than a boppy and doesnt use nearly as much fabric. I cant wait til baby comes just so I can use it! So I knocked this off my list of things to make. I wanted to get all the 'big' stuff outta the way. So this is whats been done so far

  • boppy
  • boppy cover
  • nursing cover
  • newborn booties

Im not sure if I want to waste good fabric on bibs and burp cloths. Why make pretty things that get so filthy? So now onto the next project!


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