Friday, June 20, 2008

Currently Coveting: BoyGirlParty's Etsy Shop

I love stationary. I especially love the stationary...and all cool items...found at Currently, I want, nay, need these recipe cards. I should just break down and get them but I have about $3.58 left in my paypal, so Im not getting anything til I get more sales. But I love this shop. The shirts, the magnets, everything. Rarely do i find a shop where everything tickles my fancy. Its so fun and unique. But look at these cards, they are adorable and should be in my kitchen right now! Ive been trying to find recipe cards for all the recipes I find on the internet and want to have them written on somthing a bit more functional than a raggety post-it note I found under the desk, or on the back of an old envelope. One day. ONe day i will get these.


oh how great! I think I see a Christmas present for my new Chef!

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