Saturday, June 21, 2008

Food, Gas, and the High Cost of Everyday Living - what to do?

All over the world we are seeing truckers striking, Food and fuel skyrocketing, the global economy getting worse, and all for what? So these oil bastards can make more money. So this is my counteraction to the oil problem...and money problem...and environment problem..etc. I know Im just one person, so i encourage anyone to do any of these that they are able to...

  1. Take public transportation; trains, busses, L's. Cheap and reliable. Its better to put money into these than in the pockets of the oil companies. All the time public trans get in financial trouble ...lets make it impossible for that to happen.

  2. Buy food locally; farmers markets are great for this. You can get tons of produce, grains, herbs, etc. The reason food is high is because we get so much of said foods from mexico or far parts of the US that truckers bring - and deisel gas is $5 a gallon! You may think farmers markets may be a bit pricey but they are willing negotiators - just bring a reasonable price.

  3. Make it yourself; whatever you are capable of making, do it! If you can sew, make the things you need, if you can bake, make your own bread and baked goods; make your own cleaning products (see other blog Greening your Cleaning). There is so much we can do ourselves. The plan is to be as self sufficient as possible.

  4. Buy American; this is obviously for Americans. Our country is falling apart from plants moving to other countries, outsourcing, everything under the sun is imported from China-made from children in sweatshops. Nothing bothers me more than calling up my local phone company to talk to an obviously foreign man I cant understand named "Kevin". Who do they think they're kidding???

  5. Drive only when necessary; if you can find people to carpool with or public trans that goes to where you need to go, then do it.

  6. Bring bags when shopping. If you need to shop, bring your own large bags and avoid using plastic ones. Most places have canvas bags for cheap for you to reuse. Plus, you dont have to worry about the bag ripping or cutting off your circulation when theres something heavy in it.

  7. Around the house; Shut off lights in rooms you leave. Wash your dishes by hand, dont use a dishwasher. If you have the space to hand wash / hang dry your clothes, do that. I hang dry clothes indoors - we live in an apt - by putting them on hangers and hanging them on the curtain rods. Less electricity wasted is less toxic waste! And save some $ too.

  8. Recycle! We were amazed at how much more the garbage stinks now that we put all the recycleables in a seperate bag. yikes! But I think everyone knows the benefits of recycling - just do it!

These are just a few simple ideas. Somethings will become more obvious the more you involve yourself in a more self sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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