Monday, January 12, 2009

Coming to Crankheartpony: Emery filled pin cushions!

I will be posting some of these loverly emery filled pin cushions in my shop within the next few days. They're so great because they keep your needles sharp...I hate blunt needles that make unwanted holes in your fabric! Not only that, but since they are heavy, they stay put. I have a super cute polyfil-filled pincushion but the lightest tap sends it flying. I like that this stays on top of my machine and doesn't move. Some of the ones seen here are made with fun fabrics from the likes of Anne Marie Horner, Moda, Alexander Henry, etc. Check my shop soon and see all the new items (some have already been posted too!)


They look so colorful! I have some sad blunt needles and that's just what I need!

adorable and a great idea! I get annoyed by blunt needles. Will drop by your shop!

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