Friday, September 11, 2009

Sewing & Craft books I!

Ok, I was killing time with the kids over at Borders today and love to peruse thru the sewing/craft section...I could spend hours looking at these books. Some that caught my attention are the following:
Zakka Sewing- How cute is a squirrel shaped tea cozy!? This book is filled with cute and unique projects from pot holders, pillows and pouches.

Sewing Green - This has a bunch of cool "green" projects I want to try...just look at that way cool scarf! Who wouldn't want to make that?

Another good repurposing book is Handmade Home - they got kids stuff and other cute ideas for the home - I love stuff like that.
Chic and simple Sewing - I've been in dire need to use my dressform Morgan got me for Christmas last year, mainly cuz he keeps pressuring me to use it..but I thought this would be a perfect book to help kick-start some dressform usage.
One I saw and instantly loved was CROBOTS - now there's something I don't see everyday! Tho I do crochet, I cant read a pattern to save my life...I mean I can - but I could never master the Amigurumi.Another amigurumi book I thought would be perfect for Halloween time was Creepy Cute Crochet - adorable and its pretty cheap over at Amazon. Again, I wish I could create these...I just need a really patient teacher to teach me all this.

Well, thats it for now. If anyone has these books and has any feedback, it would be appreciated!


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