Friday, September 18, 2009

New Book for the New Baby

OK, we have recently found out we will have our 3 child... and baby is due on April fools day. But mama don't raise no fools! Anyways Im so excited to make stuff for the babe so I got the Simple Sewing for Baby book complete with patterns- like real paper patterns, not one of those 'enlarge a tiny drawing on your computer' patterns. Here is a sample project:I cant wait to try these out! I also love that Fall is around the corner...I tend to be more crafty when the weather is cooler so hopefully I'll get a lot done!


I know what you mean - as soon as it's colder the only thing is to get indoors and start creating stuff !

I love that chair tea cup in your shop. I am a huge fan of vintage inspired things :)

Thank you! I wish to create more of those!

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