Thursday, October 8, 2009

The making of many things: Pillows

Ok, so I've been lacking in posting blogs, but I have a good excuse! I've been busy posting in my etsy shop, making jewelry, sewing, and crafting up a bunch of other stuff. One thing I've sewn a lot of as of late are pillows. I got some awesome Echino fabric to make the first one that looks like a patchwork pillow and the back is made with Joel Dewberry's faux bois woodgrain fabric - the second is made with Errin McMorris Park Slope and Dewberry's Deer Vally fabrics - the third is from a pattern i saw in Stitch magazine where I used a ton of different scraps of various fabrics - and the last one I made with two gray napkins that I screenprinted a berry branch design onto. So I have been a busy bee. Thought i'd just share a few of what's been taking up my time :)


Your pillows are wonderful, one can never have too many pillows

lovely pillows :) I agree with fabricatedends's comment completely!

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