Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Trees: The Many Options!

Creating family trees can be a daunting task, especially for me, who has 16 people on my immediate side alone - that's just parents, siblings and kids..then adding my husbands side is easy since its just 5. But hope exists! Its how creative you can get with it. Here are some great ideas I found around the interwebs that look WAY better than those cheesy ones they had you make in school.
I particularly love this Balloon Family tree - well, I guess its not really a tree, but you get the idea. Its fun for a kids room..or any really. but I'm sure mine would want it in their room. I love that its in a shodow box, which makes it easy to add new additions to the family... we have those a lot!

This literal tree is a bit more sophisticated and grown up. Its great if you have a big family or include more than just immediate members. Its a bit of trickery too since at first glance you probably would not notice what it is exactly until you got up close and personal.

Here is another fun one; simple, geometric, colorful. Great for small-ish families or just condensing yours.
Here is a clever tree that has pics of family members - visualizations are always great. This would be a fun one that you and your little one(s) can do together.

Well, I hope to delve into some Family Tree fun now that I have some inspiration!


I love family trees! I especially like that last one with the photos in it. I've been collecting family tree picture ideas from the Internet until I figure out which one I want for my own family. I made my in-laws one for Christmas, but I still thought it was only "so-so." I've thought about making a separate one for the kids. One that they can play with that includes their cousins. I really like the Stories By Me idea, where the pictures are on magnets that can be moved around, but I think their tree graphic could be so much better. I've toyed with the idea of making my own. Thanks for sharing!

Of course! I think a family tree is such a cool way to showcase your family in a creative way...but I have so large of a family, i'd need a whole wall!

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