Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ich bin ein Berwyner....Maybe one day I'll mean it!

With the housing market in the dumps, we now have the opportunity to possibly purchase a modest home! Everywhere we look 'round the Chicagoland area, many towns still think they're awesome and can ask for your 1st born in order to reside in a home in their town...except Berwyn...A lovely town surrounded by historic Riverside designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and the over-taxed, but quaint, Oak Park. The other 2 towns arent really worth mentioning. Anyways, Berwyn may one day be our home and in that home I would love to proudly display this awesome print above by unlesssomeonelikeyou to comemmorate the fallen sculpture; The Spindle...whose demise came at the hands of a new Walgreens. Bah! Those are all over - there was only ONE Spindle... Here it was standing in Cermak Plaza


OMG I USED TO LIVE IN BRIDGEVIEW. berwyn was just around the corner kind of ish! this absolutely made my day when it popped up on my RSS. i want that print!

This makes me think of the Cadillac Ranch in West Texas. Some guy half-buried a bunch of Caddies in the ground. They stick up in an odd angle. It's random, but cool. And, it's in the middle of a pasture. So, no Walgreens will tear it down...

Thanks for sharing! This picture made me smile!

P.S. I found your blog through the recent SMS giveaway. Love your etsy shop!

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