Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Search of an Eames (style) Rocker

For I dont know how long I've been searching for an Eames Rocker - I dont mind if its new, old, real or fake, I just love the design and comfort of these rockers! With another baby coming in March, I would like to have one since they are the perfect size for me...not many rockers are confortable for shorter people. I hated when my legs would dangle. As I said I want to get one before new babe...but considering the fact that they are very costly is why its been a long search. I've ben looking online, Ebay, craigslist, Inmod, and other sites to see if I can find are some I've come across

Nice color, free shipping!

REAL Eames Chair - very expensive!

Great colors and choices on customizing, ok price

Free shipping AND cheapest of all...but do I want green?
If anyone knows of any good deals please let me know!


You TOTALLY want green! (I love how gender neutral it is.)
I wanted one as well, but I opted for the more standard but comfy cushy glider since the glider was a thrift store find.

I'd like the yellow-ish one...but seeing ol' green is $100 less with free shipping makes it a strong contender.

Hey Tami! I saw some amazing look alikes in a church nursery - they were white. Found them on overstock. check it out. :)

Love Jenni

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