Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love Levi!

Of course I love this kid, he doesn't bug me when I want to scarf down a bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms... while I have send the other 2 to play in their room at times like this. Its funny being a parent. Its also funny when you wonder how the baby will be while you are still pregnant. I mean, you always have those friends or family who tell horror stories of how they hadn't slept in a year or how they can't leave the house or the kid will throw tantrums and destroy an entire city block. I had the 'perfect baby' who slept wonderfully and never threw a fit. Heck, we could take her to the movies without a problem. But all kids are one of a kind. My second is the city block destroying type. I also never slept until she decided she was ready to sleep thru the night...at 19 months...and it was still quite shaky. But this lil guy...he is a gem. He is just so sweet and cute and lovable and snuggable...ok, I'll cut that out. 

Now that I have 3 under 5 yrs old I'm noticing the biggest challenges. Like simple things that become complex...like going shopping - they all cant go in the cart with the food and I aint pushing 2 carts!! We need a bigger car, bigger living space (check!), more arms, more hours in the day, more everything. And on top of it all we're moving, painting, priming, fixing, working several jobs and trying to keep our wits about us...especially when these kids refuse to nap! But, as I hold Levi as he sleeps in my flabby arms, to heck with everything else. Its nice to relax and look at his sweet little face. ♥


tamera, your son is so adorable! thanks for sharing pics!

lovely pictures and post, thanks for sharing :)

Levi is aodrable :)

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