Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yep, Still moving..the journey continues

UGH, this move is quite the arduous task! I suppose when you are moving 5 people, two etsy shops, and a whole lotta crap, its an uphill battle. Oh, and I forgot the mass off stuff in storage...we also have stuff still stored in the last building we lived in. I wonder if its still there.

What's taking so long is this: we bought a foreclosure. Yes, its a long and drawn out process but well worth it considering the price tag and quality of the home. Its a lot of house for a little money and in a nice area. It does, however, require some work - thankfully it is all cosmetic. This part is taking longer than I want. All we really need to do is slap on some paint and trim and its totally livable. Our yard is small - but all standard Chicago lots are, but we do have a beautiful blooming tree with a branch that grew in the most perfect spot to hold a swing for the kidlets.

I'd like to also mention that because this was a foreclosure we bought it "As is" and technically any problems found on the property were our problems to correct. Luckily we bought from the bank who was also our lender and got a few perks. One of the biggest and best was a brand new heating system. That floored our Realtor who said banks NEVER do this kind of thing on a foreclosure...apparently ours did. They also scraped and repainted windows, fixed gutters, painted the garage, fixed any peeling paint in the house, replaced some plumbing fixtures...and all this came to a hefty price tag for the bank. For the price we actually paid for the home compared to the price of all the things the bank fixed I sorta feel like we ripped them off...but then I think about how interest works and realize how silly a thought that was!

But all in all, we got the Chicago Bungalow we've always wanted and when we add all these blessings together it's really reassuring to know the Big Guy is taking care of us.


Good luck! I know how hard moving is, but it will also be exciting to fix the new place up.

Yes! the fixing part is the most fun and I want to go there everyday to get some painting done but with the 3 kids it's next to impossible. But its getting there little by little :)

Why, thank you Craftomania!

We just bought a repo too! Except for it has a mold issue and no plumbing. It was basically a steal for the money with no mortgage! Glad I found your blog:)

Oooo, no mortgage? That's the sweetest of deals!

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