Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The new place...a work in progress

Ah, we are finally settled in; not that we are finished with all the work that needs to be done, but we can eat, sleep, bathe and relax. Having a house is still has not sunk in. We saw easily 50-100 properties. Its been quite a task, but the good Lord provides. Can I get an AMEN! Its SOOO nice not having a faux bedroom that is part of a dining room! And a bedroom is like a sanctuary...a place to get away from screaming kids who whine and fight and cry. Tho we really need some rugs or something to absorb all the noise, cuz the sound bounces off all the hardwood, echoing and destroying my ears and chipping away at my sanity... I still hear the kids loud and clear. They're great, they love all the space to run around in. And test their vocal range. So I said I would post some pics of the new place. I just had to wait a while til we got the place looking somewhat presentable. so without further ado, here they are: Living room is above.

 Here is my groovy kitchen. Those cabinets are actually brown and sponge-painted. A bit hideous, but livable. I'd like to paint them white. Actually, I'd just like a new kitchen. My husband got us a new stove thats retro and awesome but I have fallen in love with my built-in electric stove we initially thought didnt work. Its over there to the left with the green tea kettle on it. And once I get that dish washer working, no more slaving over dishes for me! I've seriously have been doing dishes since i was about 8. And we had 8 people worth of dishes to do. We complained to my parents to get a dishwasher and my dad would always say " Why? we have 6 of them!" Referring to me and my 5 other siblings.

Here is the dining room. Its very large and bare. I mean, what else do you put in a dining room besides the table, chairs, a buffet and a small table? I do like the paint job. The color is a gray with a hint of purple. Though we will eventually replace the 1950's table set with a large farmhouse style wooden table, it sure matches well in there.
This is the back porch entrance...the door with the 'keep out' sign is my craft room. Because kids need to KEEP OUT. Too bad they can't read yet. We just pulled up the nasty foul smelling carpet from these rooms. And it was a gross red-orange color with stains, frays and an awful stench of mildew. My husband pulled it up yesterday not knowing what to expect underneath, but fortunately the floors underneath were actually quite nice. They are a green painted wood in great condition. Dodged the bullet on that one.
Now here is my craft room. I am making a project out of this 11 x 6  room. Wait and see.

Ok, so there is a preliminary look at the new diggggs. As you can see...a work in progress


Looks spacious and bright, with plenty of light! And a big kitchen! Got to love that...Hope you guys settle in soon.

Yeay! You finally have a bedroom AND a craft room. Nice. It's shaping up quite well!

yes, settling in nicely - just need to get the kitchen painted (today hopefully). I need some oompa loompas to help get this place in order - these kids dont do a thing!

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