Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Remod Progress: Livingroom

We are in the process of re-revamping lots of rooms in our house we bought in May. We spent all this time getting it ready before we moved in; painting, cleaning, repairing, etc just to have to do it - it seems- all over again. We were lazy and put only one coat of paint on, we have yet to finish painting the kitchen cabinets, and don't get me started on our 1000 other projects. It is hard to get things done when we have 3 kids under 5, Morgan can only do stuff after work and I have a limited capacity when it comes to certain jobs. But enough of my yammering. Ok, so the pic above is how the room looked once we painted it - the color is actually a green/olive/gray color...and not as dark as it looks. The trim is wood but I hate the orange-y color of it so we painted it white - ahh...that's better. Not so dark and dungeonous.

We needed to add floor trim because we have none and the wall is gross and looks like this:

I can't wait to have this room done - then move to the next one. Our problem is a lack of FOCUS; we'd start like 3 projects at once and the progress on that is like watching yourself grow old. So now we are focused and kickin' A!


I like the white! How are you doing it with the kiddos running around? I do know from experience that latex paint isn't poisonous if consumed in small(ish) amounts! I'm excited to see what the room looks like when it's all gussied up!

Well Morgan is doing most of the work while I keep the kids busy then we both work after they're put to bed. Its coming along nicely and I cannot wait til its all finally done!

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