Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaway Day 2011: Win from PeanutEnvy and CrankHeartPony!

The Sew, Mama, Sew blog is certainly worthy of your adoration with its wonderfully creative tutorials, sewing advice and let's not forget their super awesome fabric  giveaways! I am happy to announce my participation in this year's Giveaway Day hosted by Sew, Mama,Sew

There are 2 items I'm giving away this time around; a hand sewn plush doll and a pair of earrings. And, as I am sure you can do the math - we will have 2 winners! This is open to the world, so international peeps welcome! Enter to win by commenting here or on on......

ITEM 1: Enter to win this sweet plush Matryoshka doll from my PeanutEnvy shop! She is made with polka dot and Amy Butler fabrics & measures 8" x 2.5" x 6". If she's the one you adore, post in the comments here or as a fan on the PeanutEnvy facebook page. You can also see the article about how PeanutEnvy was picked as the of the 50 Top Etsy baby Shops on Babble.

ITEM 2: There is also a second item up for grabs; a pair of any of the earrings of your choice from the jewelry section of my CrankHeartPony shop. Post in the comments here on the blog or as a fan on the CrankHeartPony page which pair you'd love to get!

On May 26th, I will tally up all the comments and new "like"ers from facebook and announce the winner shortly thereafter here on the blog and facebook. If you are a lucky winner, you will be notified via email or facebook, we'll chat about what you won, where it's going and I will ship the item no later than May 30th.
Any questions? Just ask!

Thank you and good luck!!

**Comments are now closed - winner will be announced in the morning!**


Love the clear drop and filigree earrings!

I would love the doll, it's beautiful;}
Thank you for the opportunity!

Those dolls are just gorgeous!

Oh Tamera, I have just stumbled upon your shop over at etsy and I am absolutely in love! Your dolls are so precious and beautiful. I'm very happy to know about your work :) Have a beautiful day! xx

I collect dolls so This matryoshka would be warmly welcomed!
She's really sweet!
P.s. hearted your etsy shop!Milana is adorble!

Your jewelry is really lovely! Esp those bird earrings!

The aqua raindrop earrings are beautiful. Thanks for the give-away!

That doll is just precious! My daughter would go nuts for it!
Thanks for the fun!

Ooooh, hard to choose! I think the lovely little doll would be my choice.

that matryoshka is so cute! i'd love to have her.

the dolls is adorable:) Love the chance to win her and thanks for sponsoring this giveaway:)

Love the doll but my girls are all bigger...I know, it's if I win, I would love to have the Art Nouveau Fire and Chartreuse Earrings. Thanks for the opportunity!
sonja greene at very verdant dot com

Sweet little doll! The blue skies earrings are my favorite. What a great giveaway. Everyone likes new earrings!

that doll is adorable!

Thank you for the giveaway! The Blue Countess earrings are gorgeous.
noca0603 at gmail dot com

I love the Purple Rain earrings. Simple and cute, and I'd be singing Prince whenever I put them on.

Adorable doll. She'd have a happy home here. kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Check out my giveaway at

Love the doll and so would my 6 year old.

Thanks for the opportunity and I hope I win! :)

I love the doll I have 3 girls...

I love this doll...she would be perfect for my daughters first doll!

I love the blue skies earrings!

The Matryoshka is so sweet!

G'Day! I'm here for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! Please visit me, too:

Homemaker Honey
homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Loving the dolls.
thanks for sharing. And now I think I'll have to make those macaroon tarts!

Love the mint and antiqued copper earrings from your jewelry section..
Do come over and check out my giveaway

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love all of the earrings, but I think my favorites are the Dainty Acorns.

I love the blue countess earrings! I would feel like a countess with those . . .

Ooh, I love the blue countess earrings! What adorable stuff, thanks for the sweet giveaway!!

I absolutely love the doll! It'd be so sweet for my little girl due next month!

nieveamor (at)

I do like the doll it is cute but I just got my ears pierced and would love the earrings....any of them would be great, but I love the art nouveau fire and chart.... ones

I think the blue countess earrings are simply divine :) What a great giveaway you are very talented!

oh, the doll is adorable. I love it!!

The earrings are all so pretty- I am a sucker for all things bird, so I love the sparrow earrings :)

Thanks for doing this!

Love the doll! (and I think she'd love me). thanks for the giveaway. leahclaireh(at)gmail(dot)com

goodness the dolly is cute!

come visit me, too. :)

What a sweet little doll! :) I would love to win this for my little neice. She would love it!

All of the earrings are great! I love how putting on a pair makes you feel prettier (even if you are just in a pair of jeans and a tee)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Oh I adore that doll! You are very talented!
bunchofbees at gmail dot com

I really like the clear drop and fligree earrings!

Oh that Matryoshka doll is pure preciousness!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

That Chartreuse Viernes Earring set is GORGEOUS! Totally my thing.


I love the doll it is great use of the pattern in the fabric.

love the chartreuse vienne earrings!

RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com

I'm in love with your doll!

I love the doll!


What a lovely giveaway! I love the Aqua Raindrop Earrings.

She would be so happy hanging out with my other matryoshkas! :) I really like the mint and copper earrings. Pretty stuff!

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Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

I love the little doll! It is so cute!

All of your earrings are absolutely lovely! I think the Blue countess pair are my favorite though.

Thank you for the chance to ender this giveaway!

Love the sweet Matryoshka doll!

the blue countess earrings are probably my favorite. the doll is super cute too!

Thank you for your generous giveaway and international shipping!! ♥ the clear drop filigree earrings

Love the mint and antiqued copper earrings

I like the Cerulean Blue Morocco Earrings.

I love the Clear Drop and Filigree Earrings. There were several other pieces I liked too, your work is beautiful.

That doll is AMAZING! You do gorgeous work!

reiner (dot) danielle (at) gmail (dot) com

I love the beautiful doll. Wonderful job. Thanks for the giveaway.


I would love to win the Matryoshka doll! It is so cute :D

I love the Blue Skies earrings! They're gorgeous!

I like the art nouveau earrings but they're all beautiful!

Either one is wonderful but I love the blue countess earrings. Thanks.

I love the doll!!Great giveaway! I'd be delighted to win!


I love the blue skies earrings but man the doll is adorable too. I would be happy with either one.

The doll is so sweet, if I won that is what I would choose. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!
okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

I'd love to win, thanks for the opportunity.
i'd love the doll thanks

My daughter would love that sweet doll.
If I happen to be the lucky winner you can contact me through my blog

love the doll!! The cute face and use of patterns, all very sweet.
Good luck with your blog!

Oh I LOVE the mint and copper earrings. Gorgeous!

Ooh, I love the aqua raindrop earrings! So simple and pretty.


Oh, the matryoshka is just adorable! I've eyeballed your dolls on Etsy before - how exciting to see one up for grabs, now! Thank you for taking part in Giveaway Day!

I would love the doll! Great giveaway and such talent - you should be proud! Thanks bunches!

Love the mint and copper earrings. They are all so beautiful!

How lovely! I would love to win!

I would love to win the matryoshka dollie, she's so cute. I have the perfect spot for her in my foyer.

Oh the Aqua Raindrop Earrings are so simple and stylish. I love them!

What an awesome prize! Thanks for the chance to enter.

I just adore that matroyshka doll, she is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

Those chartreuse viernes earrings are gorgeous!

love that sweet doll!! thanks for the opportunity. ;)

So many cute things to pick from!

I like the Aqua Raindrop Earrings.

urchiken at gmail dot com

I love the dolly! My daughters would love it too! Thanks for the chance :)
mtrand2 (at) gmail (dot) com

ochen horosho!
i love the matryoshka doll...having studied and lived in russia! she's darling
love the colors, too cute!

love the earrings too..i've liked all your pages!

thanks for the sweet giveaway!
email is in my profile
or nicmowat (AT) gmail (dot) com

love the blue skies earrings! thanks for the chance to win!

Your jewellery is lovely. And the Matryoshka doll's very pretty. She'd make a great grand child gift.

The doll is darling and the blue countess earrings are divine. Thank you for the giveaway! addiekugler(at)gmail(dot)com

I LOVE the Bold as Brass Earrings. Gorgeous!

bvbabybv at gmail dot com

I love the doll! Sooooooo cute! (I don't have pierced wars, so count me out of that one! :) )

Hi what a cute giveaway - i'd give that lovely little doll a good home...


Ooooh, that matryoshka is adorable!!! I know some little girls who would love her very much. :)

debyeo at hotmail dot com

Maria says:
Love the doll! georgeous giveaway!
(Logging in with the Google account does not work this morning, grrrr)

She has such a cheeky smirk!! I like it!

xo Steph

Wow! Wish I could sew as good as you! Would love to win the doll!

I love the copper plum earrings. They're just right to go with my little black dress. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the doll! We lived in central Europe for years, so we love nesting dolls :) Thanks for the giveaway!

mint earrings absolutely amazing! I like all your items!

I love both!
I would be thrilled to win either!

AWESOME prizes! I love Crank Heart's shop! Visited many times! I would choose the Chartreuse Viernes Earrings and this doll is amazing!!! jinglesells at gmail dot com

The filigree earrings are bee- you-ti-ful!

Love the doll and her cheeky little face!

Love the doll! My sister is adopting from Russia so it would be so great to give this to them.

thanks for the great giveaway... I love the doll and would be excited to have it!

Beautiful earrings! I love your aqua raindrop earrings--so nice, simple and pretty! i hearted them on etsy. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!
jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

I love the earrings, but the little girl in me just prefers the matriochka doll !

Those earrings are all so beautiful. Soo beautiful. I love the gens you used and how dangly they all are :)

Matryoshka and earrings,my favorites.If I do win it will hard to choose just one pair,I love Clear drop and filigree and Blue cauntess too,but don't hold me on that =o)

I'd love the Dainty Acorns earrings. So pretty.


i love the Swooping Sparrow Earrings..thanks!

i love the Clear Drop and Filigree Earrings. Thank you for the giveaway!

I really like the little doll. So cute!

The Matryoshka doll is beautiful! I'd love to win her!

Great giveaway! Beautiful earrings. Thanks for participating in SMS Giveaway Day.

Thanks for the giveaway!]
I love the clear drop and filigree earrings - gorgeous!

So cute! She's begging to join me on my work table!

All the earrings are really lovely but the two that caught my eye are the blue countess and the Mint and Antiqued Copper. Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway!

That is one adorable doll! Love it and thanks for the giveaway!

love the doll, or the chartreuse viernes earrings! thanks!

i love the doll so much and the purple rain earings make my heart skip a beat!
phillandlesley at

I would love the doll, she's so pretty!!

Sarah Sale on facebook

Love your doll and also love the aqua rain drop earrings! So pretty.

Love the bird earrings! I need to start wearing something other than the same earrings that I wear every single day! Off to visit your Etsy shop...

I LOVE the mint and antiqued copper earrings! and the doll is lovely!!!

I love the Swooping Sparrow Royal Purple and Gold Earrings

Thanks for the generous giveaway!
I would love to win the plush Matryoshka doll for my baby daughter this coming august :D

The blue countess earrings are lovely.

cute cute doll! Perfect for my soon to be born baby this summer. :)

your giveaways are wonderful, both the doll and the earrings. my favorite is Chartreuse Viernes Earrings. thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!
peggy aplSEEDS

MMMMMM! Thanks for a great giveaway! I love em all, but blue sky and bold as brass are especially nice. izazbz at yahoo dot com

I would love the doll. So cute and I love babushka dolls.

The doll is adorable. Thank you so much for offering her in the giveaway!

Gorgeous giveaway! It would be a very hard choice, but those clear drop and filigree earrings are simply stunning.

Thanks for the chance to be in to win! :-)

The doll is so lovely! thank you for a great giveaway - enjoyed your blog. the tart recipe looks yummy!

thanks for your beautiful giveaway!
and that matrouyska is just amazing!

I'm crushing on your Blue Countess Earrings.
Thanks for the opportunity.

you doll is darling and just full of personalility!! thanks for a chance to win her.

I would love the doll, and now I'm thinking that I would love the blackberry and coconut macaroon tart too! My raspberries will be ripe soon, I may have to try the recipe!

Would LUV doll for my granddaughter. LUV your jewelry, also.

Thank you so much for generous giveaway. mwcallan5 at gmail dot com

I love the doll.

The doll is so adorable!

I like the doll. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thank you for the great giveaway.
atchisonsteph at gmail dot com

The doll is just adorable! My little one would drag it around everywhere with her, I'm sure :)

I would love to enter. love the doll


sk8ter.emily (at) gmail (dot) com

That doll is super cute! I lived in russia for half a year so I have a special affinity for them.

I like the Blue Skies Earrings a LOT. Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the doll. She is so precious!

Pretty! The filigree/clear drop earrings are fab. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of their artistic practices is the diverse ways in which they blended the verbal and the visual and the early influences that led to their interest in textual elements.

I'm going to be a bit selfish and pick the earrings (mommy needs something new and pretty once in a while too, right?). The Blue Skies and Auqa Raindrops earrings are just lovely!
Thank you for your kindness and generousity (even if I am not a winner this time around)!

What a cute doll and lovely earrings!

Love the doll!


that doll is too stinkin' cute! thanks for the chance to win!

What a wonderful prize. Thank you for participating in the giveaway day. I love the aqua raindrop earrings. So pretty.

I love the doll! She is so cute!

I love the aqua raindrop earings best! Thank you for posting this great giveaway!


The doll is so sweet! I'd love to win her.

The doll is precious. Thanks for the chance.

angiedkelly at gmail dot com

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