Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ah, Babies!

Just when you think your baby is sleeping so peacefully....

Last night Lucy really needed a diaper change. She was sleeping but I decided to change her anyway - she sleeps 18 hours of the day so I doubt im intruding on her beauty rest with a 3 minute diaper change. Now, breast-fed newborns have very runny poop -gross, I know! Not very smelly, but it sounds quite 'explosive' everytime it happens. So i get her from the other room and put her on the couch to change her. As soon as I get her all cleaned up, I reach for the new diaper when (insert explosive diarrhea sound here)! Baby poop shot literally 6 feet. All over the couch. ugh... So next time you see a sleeping baby, remember what they are capable of.


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