Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now with 2 of them!

I thought having 2 kids would be crazy, demanding, tiresome, and overall overwhelming. So far I've been let down - which is great. Lucy sleeps and sleeps...she's so easy to deal with. Maddy is a good girl who can entertain herself by reading, playing, or watching Pee Wee Herman shows/movies. She also loves helping me with Lucy. One thing is that Morgan has been and will be home for the next 2-3 weeks or so, so when he returns to work, I may be singing a different tune. I sure hope not tho! This time around, recovery has been a breeze. #1 was a c-section (as was #2 - and neither was by choice, believe me!) but recoveryof #1 took a really loooooong time. Like weeks before I could even sit up in a chair on my own. This time, I was able to do that in a few days after surgery. In the hospital nurses would come in and ask "so, do you need something for pain?" When I'd say no, they looked so puzzled, like I was lying or having residual epidural side effects. I had some pain, yes, but no where near what I anticipated. The most pain was the numbing drug they injected before the epidural. But it was all worth it to have that sweet little girl to hold in my arms after waiting a grueling 9 months.


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