Saturday, July 12, 2008

The body works mysteriously...

When I first became pregnant with Lucy, I had a crippling type of arthritis..or well Erythema Nodosum to be exact. I thought I would be crippled forever, it made me sad to think of being a young mom with such an 'old' body that couldnt even take the kids for a simple walk. Depressing! I didnt find out what the problem was til I was a good 2 months into it, luckily I was done by month 3. I saw 5 doctors give or take and I was the one to correctly diagnose myself ...which was later verified by my rheumatologist. Now, 6 months later, Lucy is here and uh-oh...Im starting to feel a bit of pain and stiffness in my joints again. Ugh.............. Whats weird is that the first time it happened to sets of joints simultaneously; both ankles, then both knees, elbows, etc. This time its sporadic. one finger is pretty stiff, one elbow hurts, a knee gets annoying. Now, it could be the raging hormones - which probably triggered it in the 1st place, but who knows. If 5 doctors cant tell me, who on earth can? What scares me, besides being immobile forever, is not being able to play with my kids or do anything fun outside, i cant craft or make art, i cant drive, nothing! Lets hope it goes away for good and doesnt develop any further!!!


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