Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist: CarryMeAway

With eco-friendly items being all the rage, I thought CarryMeAway's Shop was a nice place to indulge youe sense of eco-responsibility!

She can even do custom orders - say, of youre shop so you can advertise yourself at the market, post office, and anywhere else you go. She paints them by hand so each one is quite unique in its own way. So go...Check out what she has to offer!
She is so generously offering FREE SHIPPING if you mention my blog!


I love that bag i am going to have to do some christmas shopping at her shop:0)thanks for sharing this artist with me:0)

Great shop!


I love everything eco-friendly, thank you for introducing the seller:)

im ganna get a tote hopefully for my bday from roadkill boutique in fullerton,ca. its so awesome there the tote has a moon and owl on it.

Thank you for featuring me in your blog! =0)

Kim I can paint an owl and a moon or whatever you want!

Also as a token of my appreciation for being feature in this blog, I would give free shipping to anyone who mentions this blog. Just convo me and I will adjust the shipping!

Very nice bag, simple message, big idea.

Hey you've got an award waiting at my blog, come check it out :)

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