Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Noviembre Givaway!

OK, ok, ok...I was so busy with Halloweenieness that I had no time for the Last Friday Giveaway I have every month. So here we are in November and in need of another giveaway. oh, and hey! History was made last night with the election of America's first African American president. Amazing. It was cool that Obama had his party here in Chicago. My husband went downtown last night and got a ton of Obama shirts and posters, met stars, and what-not. Fun times.

Anyways, back to the giveaway. This month's giveaway is.......a GLITTER VINYL sampler that I sell in my shop! pick your favourite colours (I now have black in stock!) This stuff is so fun and sparkly. Its some serious eye candy...I just stare at it for hours. No, I don't, but I could if I had the time. How you enter is simpler than simple; you just comment with your favourite item from my shop - and RENAME that item OR just "follow" my blog! It ends in 5 days!! Ok, go for it!!


I love the vintage deer salt and pepper shakers but I can't really rename it! haha!

Love the vinyl in blue, so pretty!

I love you Ashland Poppy Bag, perfect name for it too! I'm already a follower of your blog.


ok heres what i like i looked at the vinyl for hr's lol just kiding ok what i realy like is the dear salt and peper shakers and the vintage pirnts of both the little girls.

I love the Cherry Red. It's Christmas-y. I'll call it, Holiday Red!

My Fav: The Tree of Life rich and beautiful! (I follow you already!) ;)

the purple deer salt n pepper shakers, which i would rename: "Boisenberry Bambis" salt and pepper shakers

and i am now following you!

I would call the "falling leaves" bag a foxy boxy, haha.

maumauisginger at gmail dot com

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