Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stitch Magazine!

I was waiting in line to buy some fabric and Jo~Ann's when i noticed this mag on the shelf. So while I was waiting for a sweet little old lady to buy her 21 individual ornaments, I found the time to leaf thru it and its amazing! Its nice to finally have something tangible (other than a blog or online tutorial) to get some really cool and fresco sewing ideas. You can see whats available on the cover^. I love how they have so many neat and modern things to create - if you sew or just like being inspired - go get an issue of Stitch. Yeah, its $8 - BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! oops sorry for the caps. hehee


yes you are very organized

dude don't you get like those 50% off coupons?? i would buy things like this with those babies. anywho i am trying to get the library to subscribe to this magazine. it looks awesome!

well, to be fair, it was on sale for 7.19 so i would have used a coupon if I could.

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