Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DIY Moss Terrarium

Have you seen these on Etsy? I have and have been wanting one but don't exactly have the dough$$ for them - they're oddly very expensive yet so easy to make! Here is the easiest way (that I found) to create a moss terrarium.

1. Get a clean vessel that you want to use to exhibit your moss - old jam jar, votive holder, tart dish, etc.

2. Find moss! You can find moss in shady damp areas - wooded areas, outdoor plant pots, - in urban areas you can find it too. I found mine in the courtyard our our building in a hanging flower box that has nothing BUT moss growing in it.

3. Using a garden shovel, or in my case, a large metal spoon, scoop up some soil surrounding the moss into a plastic container.

4. Carefully scoop up the moss, digging beneath it - try not to disturb the moss its self since its very fragile. Place moss on the soil you just put in the container.

5. Place some soil at the bottom of your chosen vessel. Pack it down a bit. Gently take some moss with a spoon and place on top of the soil. If some moss breaks apart, that's ok, you can sorta fudge the stuff together - as i did in the photo above.

6. Place the moss as you see fit and BAM you have a moss terrarium. Now you can put tiny, itty bitty things in there to create a lovely little mossy world. I put some baby rocks in mine.

Any questions? Pretty easy. I'd love to see anyones DIY terrariums - send pics if you try it out!


Oh thats great!! I've been eyeing those on Etsy too, but I think I just need to make one now :)

I've seen those on Etsy, too...MUCH larger than your little guys here. Cute! Thanks for the mini DIY project. Even a brownthumb like me can't kill off moss...I hope!

Found your blog in the Etsy forum today...cute graphics...will visit your shop soon!

Pfeiffer Photos

Thanks for the instructions, they are very pleasing to look at, might just have to try it myself.

I'd have made HUGE ones but I have so many little jars, I thought it'd be cute to have all these mini I didnt have a ton of moss.

Great tutorial! I have been wanting to make one of these!

lol I love the idea! it looks so zen =)

I decided to try it on my own. What do you think? Oh, and I have a question... do you have to cover them?>

Yes, they should be covered to keep the moisture in, but not with an airtight lid. I should have mentioned that!! But yours are so cute with the gnomes!

LOVE it. Thank you for the tutorial. I've been looking at the "kits" for sale and thinking that's just silly. I have all that stuff right here. You rock!

I'm obsessed with terrariums. I had to buy one on Etsy because I live in the desert, and it's fabulous. Love the little bits of green.

Really digging your blog, btw! How well designed!

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