Thursday, February 19, 2009

Find your Design Style

Over at Sproost, you can take a quiz to find out your decorating / interior design style. Aparently I'm a mix of 3 styles:

25% Rustic Revival
(I did a re-do since my last answers were fudged by Maddy. This sounds more like me!)

Go see yours!


you have a blog! from now on i pledge my faithful reading allegiance...

38% contemporary, 31% Vintage Modern, 31% Cottage Chic

yes! well i think my %'s are wrong since Maddy kept clicking "i love it" for a ton of rooms. I'll try again.

Yay, a new blog!

78% cottage chic, 11% Zen Style, 11% Traditional Country

Hi! Just found your blog on an Etsy forum. I really like it and your subject matter (d.i.y., being green, etc.) I just started a blog about similar topics.

Care to trade links?

That was a fun quiz! I was 53% Vintage Modern and 47% Arts and Crafts, which I think sums my taste up pretty well. Or more like 53% Craigslist and 47% Goodwill.

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