Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The close of my 20's Birthday Wish List

My 20's are ending on the 28th this month. Turning 30 has been a bit terror inducing... I feel like I'm having a 1/3 life crisis. Though I should rest easy, its just 30..and that's just a number right?! Here is my b-day wish list...such an age warrants one of these...If the 'right' people or person read this, I may get what I want :) Going from the top left to right:

Hand Printed Gourmet Flour Sack Tea Towels by thehouseofbouton - My husband actually showed me this shop - which I love! I have this odd love for printed tea towels yet I don't own a single one.
Vintage Acorn Cookie Jar with Salt and Pepper Shakers by plaidponyvintage - This is just too cute and I want it. 
Springtime safari - laptop sleeve - custom size by brokesy - I just need one for my laptop and this one is cute and looks sturdy.
Morrissey Concert Tickets Clock by BlueOrder - Not only is this a cool concept for a clock, I love Morrissey and I've seen him in concert many a time.
Vintage Catherinholm Lotus Bowl by TheFancyLamb - Just cuz. 
Elephant Recipe Cards by BoyGirlParty - Actually I would love anything from this shop! But I love recipe cards.
Come On Feel the Illinois Onsie by Trulysanctuary - Ok I can't wear this - I want it for my new baby boy. I love the album and Sufjan Stevens.
I Want to Rock With You print by Yumalum - If someone was REALLY cool they would get me the Eames Rocking chair in the print!
Natural Stretch Mark Relief Balm by JoyfulGirlNatural - Other than needing this for obvious reasons, I love JoyfulGirl products! They are the best natural body products I've ever used and they work! Plus, Shelly the owner is a complete sweetheart!

Well thats it. 30 is fast approaching - maybe I'll get these consolation prizes!


:) well thirties is awesome! I am on my way to reach 39 this December .. and passing through 30s is really lighting fast! make sure you enjoy every moment of it! :)



Thank you, and enjoy it I shall! No use me pouting about getting older - might as well have fun in the process!

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