Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spell with Flickr

We all know the endless fun of Flicker and this has been around for a while but I just found it and thought it was pretty neat! Go to Spell with Flickr and type in anything! write a ransom letter - just for fun of course. Once you type in your words, just click on any letter you would like to change and it automatically changes it for you. For instance, The "L" they came up with looked like a 'c' so I clicked it until I got to one that was decent. Go now and check it out - you can type in your kid's name (like I did), create a new shop banner or whatever


It's so much fun to play with! My mother-in-law got us a sign for our lounge that spells our last name using images from random pictures like this except ours is in black and white. I love it!

That sounds like a cool idea - I think I shall steal it! :)

Oh by the way, "I dare say" is on my blogroll :) my daily reading list.

Looking forward to your post again.



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