Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Plan for the Frugal Future

In honor of Earth Day (you could also say 'in honor of frugality') I'm deciding to make my own reusable items - as many as I possibly can! I am done with skyrocketing prices even at the cheap stores (Walmart is not included, I refuse to shop there). I had to get baby wipes because I have a newborn and a 21 month old in diapers. I get them from target, and I get the target brand 3 pack of refills which used to cost 2.97 - now its 4.97. WTH?! So nuts to YOU Target, I'll make my own wipes! For those of you who agree...but may not sew yourself - here is a cute option... BareBebe PureBebe Cloth Wipes

 I also want to make my own produce bags. Who needs plastic poisoning their food? Not I. These ones are cool... Reusable Produce Bags by SeventhSphere

I already have the supplies to create some snack bags but I really thought these were cute.
Reusable Snack Bags by BananasaurusRex .  Its probably smart to make like 10 of these, since kids tend to lose, drop or destroy.

I'm still on the fence about making reusable paper towels...with 3 kids under 5, messes are plentiful. I would need to make about 50 reusable paper towels...I think in this arena, I'd opt for just buying them.

So in a few ways, I'm saving some green...which is what Earth Day is all about.


The reusable paper towels could probably be rinsed out and used again before washing. And depending on the spill, a sponge or something similar might be better suited.

Just a thought

Hi there! I just ran across your blog and saw my PureBebe wipes! Thanks for including me in your post!

I agree Nicole - we have messy kids so we go through a lot of paper towels, maybe the reusable ones are a better option.

You're welcome Ali - those wipes are adorable!

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