Monday, November 15, 2010

Slightly Transforming the Dining Room.

Since we moved in, we've painted, repaired and are slowly decorating the place. Our dining room looks like a marriage between a viking's lodge with a 19th century apothecary. Not exactly my style but my husband has his ideas...We have a large old ornate dark wood table with mismatched viking-ish chairs, coupled with an Admiral from the 40's that we converted into a display / storage with a former built in cabinet on top.

All the wood is dark and it drains the potential life out of the space. Even with the light form the 3 large windows there is this darkness haunting that room.
SO my bright idea is let's add an accent wall. Something to take the dismal out and a bit of fun in. I looked for wallpaper on Ebay and lo and behold I found some that was perfect - to me anyway. Since I love the color in the room, I wanted to keep that. (we will eventually strike a good balance with the day)

I found some Hygge & West Daydream wallpaper for a steal...$40 a roll! That stuff is originally $105 a roll. So I'm pretty proud of myself. My plan is to cover this bland wall that doesn't have much going for it.

I'd like to get this covered and hopefully it will inspire us to change the rest of the decor in this room. Hopefully.


My main room, which consists of the living room, dining room and entry is almost that exact same shade of gray, but all our wood furniture is a honey finish, and I put up white, orange and gray curtains and all our accent pieces are brightly colored. I think a bone white may bring up the mood of that room a bit, especially with that awesome wall paper. Or you could throw down some more colorful accent pieces in that room.

Just my suggestions! Your furniture and stuff is SO COOL!

Love the color! Our upstairs is painted a similar grey. The wallpaper is great too. Awesome find!

Thanks! And Yes, we definitely need some bright colors. The gray has a purple tint to it.. so accent decor in yellows and oranges sound right.

I spy....Tami in this picture! Look closely.

I know -I saw that. I hope no one else does!

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