Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Organization Challenge

CHALLENGE: Organize a space in your home!
posted by: amy purple - Purple Pink and Orange.

I'm gonna take the challenge. I need to keep my space free of clutter. i have no motivation when I have such an unruly area for creating.

What Needs to be Done:

  • Fold and put all fabric in a specific place, not all over everything

  • Get rid of / organize whats in the plastic bags

  • Put away all non-sewing related items where they belong

  • Put all scissors on shelf hooks - why else did we put up the shelf??!

  • Put all papers, patterns, books, etc on the shelf in an orderly fashion

  • Keep all dangerous tools up and out of baby's reach - she just lOVES that seam ripper and pin cushion!

  • Throw scraps away!

  • Put away all finished projects


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