Monday, February 4, 2008

Sprucing up a boring kitchen

We got these neat little tea cups - I dont know what the exact name for them is, but they have a holey cup that fits inside that you put the tea in and a lid to close it and keep it hot while the tea seeps. We got them for Christams from some friends. I think they came form World Market. Theyre adorable. I used them for the first time yesterday. .. and i was not disappointed! I thought that when I took out the holey cup, the wet tea bag would drip all over the table, but all i had to do was flip over the lid and place it on it - pretty smart, eh?

I also wanted to spruce up our boring old canisters, so of course, i look on etsy trying to find some decals to make them a bit more interesting. Then, there it was...OneUp minis. They are these 4 x 4 decals that you can get in any color in and beyond the rainbow with tons of neat designs, and the beauty part was that they're 4 for $5! I got them in MINT - it just seems to be a good Kitchen color. I chose some radial designs. I was gonna pick some woodland creatures - a bird, deer, owl, and a unicorn (I know, not exactly in existence, but hey who doesnt like a unicorn canister)but I didnt get those ones just because I couldnt make up my mind....but here's a pic, a bad one, but one none the less


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