Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Great Vintage Find - Mikasa Dish Set

As I browsed a quaint secondhand shop, I spotted this majestic vintage Mikasa dish set and said "you WILL be MINE!" It came in a dusty cardboard box with the dishes neatly stacked inside. The set was complete with 8 plates, bowls, saucers & cups, 4 salad plates, 5 sauce bowls and a sugar bowl and creamer. Its in mint condition, no chips, cracks, discolorations or anything. The $50 it was priced at was a steal, but I was able to get it for $40 by my talent for wheeling and dealing...which is just me asking for a better price. Thats whats nice about second hand shops, prices are not set in stone. But I will be enjoying this set for-let's hope- years to come.


What a bargain! 40 bucks only for a Mikasa set is definitely robbery =)

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