Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I really love when I discover a new awesome blog by a parent who has a kid around the same age as mine - they post all these great tutorials for kids rooms and tons of other fun stuff! Newly discovered is Lovelydesign. Look at this superfun wall box display - I must do this!

Maddy's 3rd birthday is coming up and I wanted to make the goody bags for the kids. I like the idea of handmade reusable bags instead of paper or plastic ones that are just no fun. I found a PDF pattern on LovelyDesign's blog to make these monogrammed muslin goody bags. Now thats much more fun! Also, Instead of the bag of candy with small choke on-able toys, I decided to make little coloring books with some directions if found, again, at Lovelydesign's blog. I had to find my own animals and such, but the net helped with all that. I just have to print and make now!WEll, I must go now and get some of this work done.


I see that you feature other Etsy sellers on your blog. You should add your link to the resource list at

So nice to meet you!

Cool idea! I have some little ones bdays coming up...this would be a fun idea to do for them too!

Oh..thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! :) I am featuring other etsy/blogger friends now on Fridays...if you would be interested I would love to feature you sometime! You can let me know!

Have a great night,

Wow, those are some amazing ideas. I adore parents who have the time/energy to make their lives that crafty. This is some great stuff!

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