Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DIY Is the Way to Do It...

Over at DoItYourself, there are some really creative tips on getting organized with items you find at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales...a neat way to be green and reuse some interesting items.Some examples include:
Design a Birdcage Mail Holder:

Get yourself sorted with a cagey mail center. Scrub the framework of the birdcage with a bleach solution. Then clip off the wires from the front and back, leaving a few to create mail slots.

To make shelves, cut dowel rods slightly longer than the cage width and notch the wood to help it grab the wires. Cut glass or plexiglass shelves to fit, and place them on the dowel rods.

Next is Fill Vintage Suitcases:Stack vintage suitcases in towers to create mini closets for stashing things. Strip, clean, and decoupage the insides. Replace broken handles with belts or ribbons.

There are more storage and organizational ideas that warrant checking out as well! They even have really cool ideas for Wall Art.


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