Sunday, April 5, 2009

Before & After: Making the boring UNboring

AS hard of a time I give IKEA, I do love the place and what I as a crafter like the most is how plain and simple their items can be - its makes an easy instant canvas for creativity.

Take these glass air-tight food storage jars. I got them for the many flours I use; bread, wheat, all-purpose. The only thing was how do I distinguish them from each other? Well, I had some left over Rub-ON Letters from Maddy's party favor coloring books and decided I'd use them - they were fun and colorful!
I rubbed each letter on, making sure I wasnt spelling the words wrong like "Beard Flour" or something. After all that, I sealed them with some sealer to waterproof it. Doing this is better than just using a sticker that would be ruined by water and my hands (covered in cooking oil, or whathaveyou) , or printing out a clever label and taping it to it...lame. Plus this has a very clean, seamless look. I was very pleased with the outcome of this idea and now search for cool rub-ons to put on our vast amount of glass jars I store our other dry goods in.


I love it! I'm currently stocking our families travel bags which includes reusable bottles. But how was I going to label them? You saved the day, thanks.

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