Wednesday, November 11, 2009

C{heart}P Around the Interweb

Huzzah! My Strawberry Shortcake and Custard Coffee Mug made it into a gift guide! Just thought I'd share that.

Now, onto some SNS's (social networking sites) that I frequent... Post yours if you feel so inclined on the comments page :)

Twitter is one of those places I like to promote my items with ambiguous, yet slightly amusing blurbs. I wonder if my approach is effective. I wonder what would happen if I swapped my one liners for actual descriptions, albeit short ones... I think I chose the first route because just giving it away was too boring. Maybe people are more inclined to click on a line that says : "S is for "Suck it, Trebek!" I'll take "SWORDS" for $400" Instead of: "Here is a mug with the letter S on it." I may never know.

Facebook Fan pages - another fun place to pal around on. I'm not a big updater of the status, I mainly just post links with an occasional sale here and there. I did't want to be 'that' person whose page you fanned and all you get is updates ever 5 seconds on things too random to be posted on said how many twinkies they can shove in thier mouth without gagging.


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