Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hooray holidays! Making stuff is fun!

Ok, I have been a busy bee as of late. Today alone I have sewn 7 of these box pouches. Its been lots of fun. I just love working in the 3rd dimension.
My other crafting exploration was making these feather headbands and hair pins. I can say Ive never been covered in more down in my life...except in comforter form whilst sleeping. But its addicting making all this stuff...the Fall and Winter months put me in high gear craft mode...its cathartic and way better than the unproductive summer time.

I just saw this posted at Plum Pudding and thought it was such a sweet idea. Its so adorable, I really want to do this with my kids...but how do I get them to be still while I simply trace their hands? That may prove difficult...maybe I can do that while they are asleep.


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