Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giveaway Day! Enter NOW!

UPDATE: All comments received by midnight 12/6/09 central standard time (Chicago) will be published. Others received after that...I wish you better luck next time. :)

I am participating in this year's
Giveaway Day hosted by Sew, Mama,Sew. Enter to win this wintry sweet box pouch made with Alexander Henry "Granville" Blues fabric. It measures 7" x 2.5" x 3". How do you enter? Well that's simple. All you have to do pick one of the following options:

  1. Become a fan of CrankHeartPony on facebook.
  2. Become a follower of my blog - click the 'follow' button on the right sidebar.
  3. Post my shop button to your blog - its on the right sidebar (see details for help) Comment with your blog link.
  4. Tell me what your favorite item is from my shop
Which ever you do, you must post a comment on this post so I know which one you did...otherwise I won't know if you're participating in the giveaway or just a random new fan/follower. Plus, I will randomly pick the winner from the comments. So post away! Some more details -
  • This is open to the world, so I will ship anywhere and everywhere!
  • This offer is open until midnight (Chicago time) on December 6th.
  • The winner will be announced on December 7th and the item will be shipped no later than December 12th.
  • To add the button to your blog (for Blogger users): Right click on the button; click "save image as" and save on your computer; open your blogger layout; select "add a gadget"; add "picture"; Upload picture with the link being Done!
Thanks and good luck to all!

in the holiday spirit and thought I would offer a freebie for anyone who buys from the shop...FREE 3x3 6pc glitter vinyl sampler for every order til we hit 400 sales. Mention 'glitter' in notes to seller and let me know what colors from the list you would like. Some ideas for this stuff is making fun holiday garland, retro style ornaments, appliques, decorations,etc. It is easily cut or sewn and has the fabric backing on it. This is fun stuff, so get some while it lasts!


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I just posted the swap partners over on my blog if you want to see who you got and who got you!

I love this wristlet in your shop--
Thanks for the chance to win that cute little pouch!

My fave item from your shop is the Prickly Pear Pencil Pouch Box Case.. so cute!
Great giveaway!

I love the Glow Atomic Starburst Bowls from your shop :) and the rest of them, actually :p and of course this cute little pouch :D

I just became a fan on Facebook (I'm Claire Askew) -- hello!

I love your Nest Egg ring, it's been sitting in my Favourites on Etsy for AGES willing me to buy it... Hurry up payday!

xxx C

My favourite item in your shop is the silver and white nest egg pendant. Lovely stuff!

I love this pair of earrings from your shop!


I love the fabrics that you used in your pouches on your shop. I couldn't pick one.

I am a new follower! And can I just say that the Alexander Henry "Granville" fabric is one of my favorite lines EVER!! :)

I'm now following your blog :)
Love the pouch!!

Beautiful bag! I'm following your blog.

Became a follower! That bag is precious!

Super shop! You've got lots of cool things in there. I like the silver nest egg necklace best.

I'm a follower. Thanks for the giveaway!

Adding you to my reader now .. and I love the vintage lunch trays! So bright and cheery.

Thanks for the chance to win!

kindredcrafters (at) gmail (dot) com

Great Giveaway! Love the pouch. It would be a perfect place to keep my sketching pencils and art things. Very nice!
Great photos on your shop. I think my fav would have to be the tiny white pumpkin earrings. Very cute!

Following your blog - looks like I'm going to love it! I really like the tiny white earrings in your shop, very dainty!

I love the white pumpkin earrings in your shop.

I'm a follower :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Oh my! I went straight to your fabrics (I'm such a sucker for fabric) and loved the African prints, and then the jewelry. Hello aqua raindrop earrings! Had to buy them real quick and leave your lovely shop! I'll be back with Christmas money!

I love the bird nest necklace. Very beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

I did #2: following your blog! Thanks for a fun giveaway.

You make such nice things -- it is hard to pick a favorite. I love all of your jewelry and the birds mini-wallet. From your vintage things, I LOVE the T.C. Wheaton Graphic Glass Condiment Bottle Set. They are truly stunning.

Also, I don't use the follower gadget, but I've subscribed to your blog in google reader. Thanks!

You did a great job on the bag - thanks for participating! I've added you to my Google Reader RSS feed.

I really love the nest and egg necklace ! So clever! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the feather and flair hair clips!

Great stuff, I love all the box pouches in your shop, especially the Echino one. I also love the Owl memo clip. :-)

Became a follower. Love the giveaway!

Great stuff! I really love the wire wrap nest necklace- genius!

The mustache necklace is pretty hilarious and very original!

I'm following :) and I love your shop!!!

I love the vintage owl figurine and the box pouches too- esp the pear one. Happy holidays!

I became a fan on facebook! (Jennifer Ingle)

I'm a follower! Love your stuff!

Hello. I love your mini wallets...particularly the bird one. Thanks for the chance!

diana at

How to pick just one fave from your shop, BTW I hearted it too.

I really like the botanical blitz mini wallet and the garden chicks box pouch in brown.

I love the botanical bliss mini wallet! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

This pincushion.

i love it and am now a follower of your blog

I love your Mr. Mustache Necklace!

love your blog and your shop! really like the jewelry in your shop, too. i hearted you! and i am now following your blog.
take a peek at my blog, too - i'm also having a giveaway!

I love your bird wallet! so cute!

I love the Pushing Daisies box bag!

I'm a new follower of your blog!
Very cute pouch you're giving away! Thanks for the chance to win!

This is the first time I've been to your blog, and I love all your work and the gorgeous items you make! I'm a follower now!

I'm now a follower. Love your stuff!

I became a Facebook fan! Sarah Seitz

THis bag is so cute!
I also really love your nest egg wire pendant. Gorgeous!!
Happy holidays!

I love all of your pouches, the fabric combos are all my style :D And the Dainty Acorn earrings are so cute!

Nest Egg Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace in Blue and Gold that's a good one. happy giveaway day! here's mine

great blog! - i'm following you now :)

I love these bowls in your shop.( If my credenza wasn't already brimming with dishes, they'd be in my shopping cart :) They have been favorited though!

My favorite is the Ashland Poppy bag - great fabric and a great shape!

Oh I love the mini wallets! You use such pretty fabric.

My favourite item from your shop must be The Ashland Poppy Bag! Thank u for the give away! U might want to try out mine :)

The Echino red boxy pouch is my fave. Hard to choose just one! Thanks for the giveaway. alusco(at)centurytel(dot)net

A sweet purse! I like the fabric alot.

oh my gosh! those lunch trays! cute!

I've become a fan and I really do love your shop. It's hard to pick one thing that I like, but I love your earring and a little white creamer you have.

This is my favorite:

I like the variety in your shop, a good mix of old and new.

I'm now following your blog. This bag is great, I love the fabric!

I like the Birds of Paradise mini wallet.

I am in love with the mustache necklace! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

I love the nest egg in silver and white. Everything is amazing! :)

love the robin's egg ring!

You can contact me via

thanks for your generosity!

I love the Archer Mini Wallet. It totally caught my eye. Thanks for an opportunity at a great giveaway!

I'm a follower now! Your work is great!

The sweet blue lovebirds necklace is adorable!

Very cute little pouch - I am now a follower!

Very nice pencil case!! I think it takes skill to sew a zipper!! They are a night mare for me!!

Great blog! I am now a follower!

Your shop is awesome! There are so many great items for sale. I am in love with the Vintage Scalloped Orange Planter pot.

I love best of all the pouch you're giving away - but the pushing daisies box pouch is fantastic too !

The gold bird and filigree earrings.

I heart everything in your shop it was hard to narrow it down to one item but it is your condiment bottle set and yes, that is my final answer.
Thank you for your giveaway!

Taylor Smith and Taylor Boutonniere Creamer and Lidded Sugar Bowl are my favourites from the shop.

My favorites are the little bags like you are giving away!

Yeah! Love the birds of paradise mini wallet. Happy holidays!

The atomic star burst bowls are just great.

hi! i am now following you--well, i clicked the follow button, but then i just backtracked and added you to my rss reader :)

What an eclectic little shop! I like the Vintage Scalloped Orange planter pot you have there. I really like the blue fabric for the pouch!

I love the Peasant Pheasant Feather Head Band in your shop!

I became a follower! Added your blog to my Google Reader. :-)

I love your mini wallets, especially the Birds of Paradise!

I am a follower of your blog!

I love the echino red box pouch. Love that fabric!!

maxandellie at gmail dot com

Love the Big Bold Black and White Earrings!

ozknitter AT gmail DOT com

My fave is the Spicy Brown Wristlet!

Thanks for the giveaway! You have great stuff in your shop. I love the houndstooth wallet. And the nest egg ring!

I pick the 4th option : my favorite item in your shop are the
Wee Little White Pumpkin Earrings ! They are soooooo cute...

ok. love the blog. love the goodie. please let me win!!!!

i'm a follower! i'll be loyal, i promise!!! :)

I love your nest necklaces, what a cute idea. Beautiful bags and jewelry.

this pouch is my fave. i may just have to buy myself an after christmas treat! thank you.

Hey there! I really like your shop! Infact, I 'heart' it. =) The reversible Anna Maria Horner tote is really attractive! Thanks for participating in the give away. Happy Holidays!


Hello! I love the giveaway bag, as I have so many uses for it! I browsed around your shop and really like the nest egg necklace- so cute! Thank you for this opportunity!

My favorite item from your store is the Reversible Anne Marie Horner Fabric Tote. It is so pretty.

The giveaway prize is very nice too.

Oh, boy! My absolute favorite thing I've seen all day if from your shop and it's the blue lovebirds necklace. I love the color and the vintage birds.

loving the swooping sparrow earrings and the beautiful birds nest neclaces! and in general, loving the bird themed items in your shop!!

I love "The Ashland Poppy Bag"! It is so cute! The pouches are so neat too, although my favorite has to be the giveaway one with Alexander Henry fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the prickly pear pencil pouch (I love saying that).

Very cute pouch! I also like your Digital Sunrise Coasters. Thanks for the giveaway!

Hi there, I became your fan on face book! (Jessica Melendez)

I am a follower on your blog


I love the Ashland Poppy purse on your etsy shop

I like the nest egg wire wraps and mini wallets! The amy butler print matches my mei-tai baby carrier.

My favourite item from your shop has to be the birds of paradise mni wallet. Cool!

Nice giveaway too. :)

love love love the mustache necklace! you're hilarious!

LOve the gold nest necklace and the plane bag!

great stuff! i love the nest egg necklace! really great!

love the garden pouch in brown! thanks!

I like the Reversible Anne Marie Horner fabric tote from your etsy shop. thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

I've become a new follower, and I love the Feather and Flair hair pins!


I LOVE the pink pyrex bowl and the cream/sugar set!


abarb1000 at yahoo dot com

I just became a fan on facebook!

my favorite thing in your shop are the white pumpkin earrings!

I love the Birds of Paradise Mini Wallet. Thank you for the chance to win! Have a wonderful Christmas. -dez


I love your nest egg jewelry! So sweet.

I joined as a fan on facebook. The little case would be perfect for my school correcting pens!

The quirky little owl figurine in your shop is adorable! I love it's huge eyes!

I followed your blog!
I'd love to win!

Wow, I love your giveaway...I checked out your shop and I'd have to say I really like your box cases....the prickly pear one and little red riding hood...too cute!

Cute little box bag. I liked in your shop the atomic glass lidded jar. So cool.

I love the frosted gold clutch and the african fat quarters pack...can't decide which one I like more.

I love the vintage mugs and cups! Too cool! please enter me in your giveaway!

So many cute things! I really love the Petite Rouge Scarflet though! Very nice!

love the Glow Atomic Starburst Bowl! Wow, so cute.

I am a follower of your blog...very cute bag!!

I becaqme a fan of CrankHeartPony!

I became a fan on facebook. It looks like you have some wonderful things going on here. That little pouch is super cute!

My favourite item in your shop is the nest egg wire wrap jewellery..specially the ring.

You have an adorable shop! I love the Mr. Mustache necklace. Hilarious.

I love your pencil boxed cases and wristlets - great work!

I think your brassy lassy earrings are wonderful and so lovely!

Love it! I'm a follower!

I'm a follower now! Sweet stuff! Thanks

Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity.
I like the bird wallet from your shop.

I love the Red Riding Hood Box Pouch Case. The fabric is too cute!!

The harlem wristlet from your shop is simply divine. Love the fabric. This is going on my christmas wishlist!

the feathery bobby pins win hands down! i'm a swing dancer, and i'm going to make a little feather barrette (likely several) or die in the attempt. i love those little fancy frilly things.

and this little makeup/pencil bag is awfully awesome too!

Owls Owls everywhere Box Case! I have a thing for owls.

I'm a follower! Enter me in to win that cute pouch!

I visited your Etsy shop and I love the bird of paradise mini wallet. I "hearted" it. :) So cute!

I'd love to win the pouch too. Looks perfect for pencils or crochet hooks!


my fav item in your shop currently is without doubt the adorable vintage swiss chalet creamer in cream and blue, the trees are just oh so pretty!!!!

HI Tamera, I love the fabric for this bag! I've just become a follower...your blog looks inspiring and full of fun so will get back soon.

Sadly I missed the event this year however will be hosting a special celebratory New Years Giveaway over at my Blog
feel free to drop by.

Happy Holidays and thx for sharing

i adore the mr moustache necklace! so adorable!

what fun!
i love the ashland poppy bag in your shop
gill x

I am a follower!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Love your purses and wallets, beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

I love the Echino Red Plane Box Pouch from your shop! And the pouch you're giving away is so cute too! =)

I think that the Atomic Gold Starburst lidded Glass Jar is my favorite. Though I really like the little Red Riding hood bag as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

i am a new follower!
Thank You for the beautiful giveaway!

I love all of your jewelry, particularly the copper drop and filigree earrings and the bohemian ring!


I just love looking through your blog. I will definitly be a frequent viewer. I fanned you on facebook and I am now a follower of your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the variety in your shop!! This is my favorite item... so clever and cute!

I follow you, and I love all your stuff.mattles22 at yahoo dot com

I am now a follower! Thanks for the chance and I look forward to coming back and reading your older posts.

great pouch! I becme a follower on your blog... thanks for the great giveaway!

I'm a facebook fan now! :)

So many great items in your shop! I like the earrings, and I also love all the retro/vintage pottery and dishware!

Thanks for the giveaway!

can't decide which pair of earrings are my fav--so many are beautiful and unique

Hi! I'm following. Thanks for having this giveaway. You have a fun blog.

Hi Meg. I'll teach you to run if you teach me how to make a box pouch! :)

I am now a follower.
Thanks for a great giveaway.

woo hoo is right. great blog. great shop. i was sold with the cute little bag and then i got sucked in by those vintage lunch trays and all your creamers!!!

LOVE the nest egg ring--so lovely!

I'm a new follower. Love everything in the shop.

I just became a follower of you blog. I love your blue giveaway, my favorite color.

My favorite item in your shop is the Ashland Poppy Bag. Thanks for the chance to win!

i just HAD to become a follower of your blog because you seriously have some really good stuff on here! you've got me hooked!
thanks for participating in the giveaway! i hope i win!
happy holidays :)
yawkar618 at yahoo dot com

My favourite item in the shop would most definitely be the Dainty Acorn Earrings - they're gorgeous! Thanks for the great giveaway!

My favorite thing in your shop is the Federal Milk Glass S Mug. Thanks for the chance to win the blue pouch!

Love the mustache necklace!

I really love the colours on Echino Red Plane Box Pouch. Very vibrant and pretty!

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Prickly Pear Pencil Pouch Box Case is my fave from your shop. So cute and i love pears!

shiki6210 at gmail dot com

I like the little red riding hood pouch and the owls pouch.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Hi. My name is Emily. I am a 9 year old homeschooler. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my Grandma's, and we always her help her decorate her tree. I love to sew. Right now I am sewing a Christmas tree skirt to go underneath our tree this year. I have my very own sewing blog at . I hope you will come to my blog, too. I am also doing a giveaway on my blog. Thank you for this generous giveaway prize. I would love to be entered for a chance to win.

sk8ter dot emily at gmail dot com

My favorite thing in your shop is the Gold and Glamorous Vintage Frame Clutch Purse. It is glamorous, but simple. I like!

Thanks for sharing with us!


I am not following your blog... really like your stuff! Thanks for the great giveaway!

I really like the Taylor Smith and Taylor Boutonniere Creamer and Lidded Sugar Bowl! Nice colours.
shirleyssalad (at)gmail (dot) com

I like the mod pods tea towel in your store.

Cute cute cute! I love this ring in your Etsy shop, the bird's nest: Thanks!

My favorite item in your shop is the Echino Red Plane Box Pouch, but it was really hard to choose!

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays!

misszucchini at yahoo dot ca

I love the Peasant Pheasant Feather Head Band - very pretty!

I love the bird of paradise mini wallet. It's really cute!

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