Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Craft Everyday Challenge!

OK, ok ,ok. I've got my craft room all set up so no excuses, right? I've decided to challenge myself to at least do ONE crafty thing a day. This does not mean I have to complete a crafty project everyday...I can work on one that takes me a week or a month, but I have to work on it at least once a day. Its hard to stay inspired these days when I feel like I have so little time to do much with the kids, working on the house, etc - which is why I'm pushing myself . So far I have covered the switch plates with some super cute paper in my kitchen:

I also recycled an old coffee can but covering it with some neat vintage fabric and ribbon for a place to put scissors and stuff.
Now my current project is to give a small shelf w/ key hooks a bit of a makeover. We'll soon see how that turned out.


That's a fun goal! I love the things you have created so far.

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