Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Kitchen Remod-ish

Kitchen as it was when we moved in
Upon moving in, we didnt exactly LOVE our kitchen. The cabinets are solid maple but the previous owner decided that wasn't good enough and decided a few colors of brown sponge painted on them was the best idea. Here is a better look:

Well, its not the greatest photo, but you can see the paint and the awful gold hardware in which the gold is wearing off.

So, first we painted the walls green and removed all the cabinet doors
the huddled mass of mess consisting of drawers and doors
 So we obviously can't afford a brand new la-de-da kitchen with all the bells and whistles, so what's there to do? PAINT! We'll see how long this process takes. Its been w/out cabinet doors for quite a few weeks now. Any help is never turned away!
{hint, hint}


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