Friday, August 27, 2010

When Choosing that Eames Lounge Chair...

As many of you know, as of late I've been on a mad search for the Eames rocker. It doesn't need to be a real Eames, I just want anyone I can get my hands on... though I do have a story to tell about that. Anyway, even getting a knock-off of any Eames style piece of furniture does not come cheap. Take this Eames Lounge chair for see them in the $1000s, easily just for the replicas. Real ones can be bought for as much as $5000. One problem I can see with that is how do you know the chair will even look good in your home? I've known peeps who spend a few k on furniture only to find it just does not mesh with their decor. Luckily, the people over at EleganceCode created a "color-chooser" tool that helps with such a problem. You can choose the black or white chair, chose the color of your floors, walls and trim! Quite nifty. The best part is you can buy this very chair for *gasp* $495.00! Now that's a deal and a steal! I saw this same chair today in a wholesale warehouse for $900. Amazing.


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